Ram EDMs Designed for Long, Unattended Operation

The EDAF series of ram EDMs features a new mechanical design for increased rigidity and reduced thermal distortion.

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The EDAF series of ram EDMs features a new mechanical design for increased rigidity and reduced thermal distortion. These machines are well-suited for manufacturers facing uncontrolled thermal environments and long hours of unattended burning. The EDAF machines are also equipped with an improved servo system for rapid response to signals from the spark gap monitoring circuits, enabling cycle time reductions of 10 to 20 percent in burns common to today’s job shop applications, the company says.

Two models are available in this series—the EDAF2 and the EDAF3. The size of the EDAF2 is 53.2" × 95.5" × 98.4" with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 13.8" × 9.8" × 9.8". It offers worktable dimensions of 21.7" × 13.8" with a payload of 1,102 lbs. The size of the EDAF3 is 59.1" × 102.4" × 100.8" with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 17.7" × 13.8" × 13.8". It offers table dimensions of 27.8" × 19.7" with a maximum payload of 1,764 lbs.

Both versions come standard with sophisticated spark gap monitoring and arc prevention technology. The company’s ArcFree Technology helps prevent destructive DC arcs that typically lead to time-consuming clean-up procedures or scrapped parts. This facilitates long stretches of unattended operation. In addition, High Quality Surface Finish (HQSF) technology provides these machines with improved electrical conductivity for more consistent discharging and spark diffusion. Both machine versions also feature the new Makino Program Generator (MPG) on-board programming system designed to combine user-friendliness with advanced programming capabilities. A variety of options are available, including a fine-hole configuration, a thermal chamber for enhanced thermal control and performance accuracy, and Z-Axis Stabilizer technology for liquid cooling of the Z-axis ballscrew and nut.

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