Reduce/Eliminate Need To Spray Reflective Parts For 3D Scanning

Laser Design’s Point Cloud Denoiser (PCD) software is said to greatly reduce or eliminate the need to spray surface treatments, powders, paints or finishes on parts with reflective surfaces because the noisy data is automatically removed by the software after scanning is complete. The actual surface data is left intact by the software’s proprietary denoising algorithms.

PCD automatically removes both long-range noise, such as outliers, and short-range noise. The software identifies and deletes discrete and clustered outliers without removing any of the input data points. The softwares algorithm is said to excel at removing structured point data usually associated with reflections. According to the manufacturer, the amount of time spent cleaning scan data to eliminate excessive or minute noise in scan files can be more than 50 percent of the time spent on the entire data processing project. The PCD automates the whole noise reduction process for 3D data from any scanner that uses industry-standard file formats. No additional operator training is necessary.

Noisy data removal is crucial for industries that use scanning for reverse engineering, quality inspection and object recognition applications in automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, medical device, consumer appliance and tooling manufacturing technologies. In addition, the system can eliminate the interactive operator time needed for data editing on any 3D scan data files.

By eliminating the need for surface sprays, the reliability of laser scanning results for inspection applications is heightened because parts will no longer be deformed by the application of a messy surface spray. Applications for scanning medical parts, clean room parts, machined metal surfaces and others, will now be viable because there is no part contamination.

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