Twin-Camera Presetter

The Khyan-TW hybrid tool presetter from Koma Precision features a 23" high-definition screen.

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The Khyan-TW hybrid tool presetter from Koma Precision features a 23" high-definition screen, along with two optical cameras offering digital zoom capabilities. Users can import and export DXF profiles to check and compare tools. The presetter is built from ground granite and stainless steel, and the precision spindle system uses a one-piece cartridge to eliminate the error associated with them. The spindle on the Khyan-TW incorporates a universal mechanical clamping system with its own electronic tool clamping confirmation, the company says.

The unit's software provides a complete tool management system able to convert measured tool data into CNC code for direct loading in to a machine tool's controller via the shop's DNC. Wi-Fi connectivity is available. 



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