White-Light Measurement System Offers Stereo-Vision

Hexagon Metrology’s WLS qFlash white-light solution (WLS) uses blue LED high-power illumination for industrial measurement applications.

Hexagon Metrology’s WLS qFlash  white-light solution (WLS) uses blue LED high-power illumination for industrial measurement applications. The portable, noncontact stereo vision system is able to quickly capture 3D measurements on the shop floor, then create reports and digitize data for analysis or direct CAD comparison. The optical head design enables the system to be handheld or used on a mobile pedestal for flexibility in limited spaces, and its low sensitivity to machinery vibration, industrial light and temperature changes enables use in shopfloor environments such as stamping facilities. The device is well-suited to measuring aerospace components, automotive components, sheet metal parts, molds and dies.

According to the company, the stereo-vision technology enables image acquisition at an average of 10 milliseconds, and shiny objects and surfaces can be measured without treatment. A random pattern is projected on the workpiece, captured by the cameras and analyzed at sub-pixel level by finding the differences in gray levels. Using the three cameras for triangulation, a 3D point cloud is constructed and combined with 2D image analysis and algorithms to extract closed features and edge points and lines without postprocessing.

The WLS features a small footprint and lightweight design with carbon fiber optical housing. The system is controlled with Hexagon’s CoreView 7.0 measurement software suite. It offers STL on-the-fly functionality to quickly generate data in the STL format for reverse engineering applications. The system also includes a reverse-engineering image-acquisition mode which uses the sensor for both fast dimensional measurement and reverse engineering.

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