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A Special Message from AccuteX EDM

Go our bluff...test cuts prove AccuteX EDM outperforms our competition!

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AccuteX GE-43SA Wire EDM
AccuteX GE-43SA Wire EDM

NEW AccuteX EDM GE Series Machines for 2015

Economical Choice for EDM machining for only $89,900.00!!!

The AccuteX EDM GE Series machines are an economical answer to your budget.  These machines are submersed with 5 axes (6 optional), Windows 15" CE color screen control, auto water level, and drain gate.  We are so confident in the performance of this machine that we are offering a standard two-year warranty on all parts and labor.

AL-560SA Linear Motor Wire EDM
AL-560SA Linear Motor Wire EDM

FAST AL Linear Series EDMs

Why the AccuteX AL-Series Linear CNC Wire EDM? 

  1. The MOST reliable automatic wire threader on the planet!  As low as 15 seconds spark to spark cycle time.  Our patented AWT design allows our customers thousands of untended operations hours
  2. A proprietary PCB capable of servo resolution down to 20 nanometers or 0.0000008"!
  3. FPGA programmable chip technology is used to detect and elininate voltaic discharge at frequencies of up to 1 million sparks per other EDM manufacturer even comes close!
  4. SD Master with EPGA technology ensures machining repeatability hole to hole, machine to machine dramatically minimizing the need for customized settings and operator intervention. 

The AccuteX Linear Shaft motor and cutting edge technology was entirely developed in-house to be proprietary to the AccuteX brand. High speed response made possible with the linear shaft motor provides 10% faster servo response time than flat type linear motors with no thermal distortation or friction. The linear shaft motor, HIWIN linear guideways, 0.000004” Heidenhain glass scales and 64 bit processing are joined together on a 7,920 pound casting putting the AL Series in a class of it’s own.

AU-1400iA Z800 CNC Submerged Wire EDM
AU-1400iA Z800 CNC Submerged Wire EDM

NEW AU-1400iA Z800 offers 31.5" in Z Axis Travel

AccuteX, the leader in large WEDM just got BIGGER with 800mm in Z!

1) Up to 50% faster cutting in work pieces over 200mm (8”) in height.

2) Submerged cutting from  0” to 31” and 31.49” of Z axis stroke, NO RISER needed.

3) Automatic wire threading up to 31”,  anneals the wire over the full stroke for reliability at any height.





Company Profile

AccuteX Wire EDM machines are imported and distributed exclusively by Absolute Machine Tools for the United States and Canadian markets.  Our OEM, AccuteX Technologies, Taiwan, offers a complete line of CNC Wire EDMs, EDM Drills, and Die Sinkers. These high-quality, user-friendly EDMs provide excellent value for U.S. manufacturers seeking an economical machine that can still deliver excellent accuracy, speed, and reliability. AccuteX has developed all of its EDM technology in-house and is well-known for its groundbreaking and user friendly control, fine-wire diameter technology, and high-performance auto wire threading. AccuteX also offers machines delivering 6-axis control with 5 axis simultaneous interpolation for aerospace and medical-class operating performance.

Click here to see our entire line of AccuteX Wire EDM's, Die/Sinkers, & Hole Drillers

Product Categories of AccuteX EDM

  • EDM Filtration Equipment & Supplies
  • EDM, Ram Type (Die-Sinking) CNC
  • EDM, Ram Type (Die-Sinking) Manual
  • EDM, Small Hole
  • EDM, Wire Type
  • Electrode Materials, EDM Wire, & Supplies
  • Nano & Micro Machining Equipment
  • Pumps, Coolant

Trade Names

  • AccuteX EDM

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The promise of running a wire EDM for long stretches without much operator attention is enticing, but many shops never manage to pull this off. Here are tips to make it happen, as offered by Mark Cicchetti, EDM technical director for Absolute Machine Tool’s Accutex EDM product line

Live Automated Cell - FANUC Robot + AccuteX Die Sinker + Tongtai Graphite Mill

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Product Announcements Provided By AccuteX EDM

AccuteX EDM Die Sinker + Fanuc Robot + Tongtai Graphite Mill Live Demo at IMTS 2014

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EDM Rethreads Broken Wire without Dielectric Drain/Refill
The Accutex GE wire EDMs from Absolute Machine Tools combine high cutting speed and accuracy.

June 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: EDM
This month’s product slideshow includes equipment ranging from wire EDMs and consumables to an electrical discharge device for dressing grinding wheels.

Submerged Wire EDM Expands Capacity
The AU-1440iA Z800 submerged wire EDM From Absolute Machine Tools is designed to quickly and accurately process large as well as smaller parts.

Wire EDMs Provide Fast, Automatic Wire Threading
Available from Absolute Machine Tools, the Accutex “Great Economy” (GE) wire EDMs combine high cutting speed and accuracy with automatic wire threading that provides fast submerged rethreading at the break point.

Wire EDM features High Speed Linear Shaft Motor
Available from Absolute Machine Tools, the Accutex AL56SA wire EDM features a high-speed linear shaft motor said to enable precise linear and circular interpolation.

What it Takes to Do Unattended Wire EDM
The promise of running a wire EDM for long stretches without much operator attention is enticing, but many shops never manage to pull this off. Here are tips to make it happen, as offered by Mark Cicchetti, EDM technical director for Absolute Machine Tool’s Accutex EDM product line.

Absolute and AccuteX EDM to Host Oktoberfest
The company will highlight new machine tool offerings with a Bavarian-themed open house.

Wire EDM for Heavy-Duty Applications
Available from Absolute, the AccuteX AS-1165 heavy-duty wire EDM accommodates workpieces weighing as much as 9,000 lbs.

Die Sinker EDM for High-Accuracy Machining
The DS-550CM die sinker EDM from AccuteX, a division of Absolute Machine Tools, is designed with finite element analysis (FEA) for high-accuracy machining.

Accutex Recognized by Chinese Manufacturing Organization
Taiwanese EDM builder Accutex Technologies received the 2011 “Machinery Industry Contribution Award” from the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers in December. (In North America, Accutex products are available from Accutex EDM, a division of Mason, Ohio-based Absolute Machine Tools).

Absolute Promotes New V.P. of Accutex EDM
Pete Intihar has been promoted to vice president of Accutex EDM, a division of Absolute Machine Tools (Lorain, Ohio). In that position, Mr.

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