HMC Features High Speed, Smaller Footprint



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The SH-4000P horizontal machining center from Tongtai was developed for mass production lines. The new compact machine has a 35 percent smaller footprint than the previous model, allowing for maximum shop floor space utilization. Sold and serviced by Absolute Machine Tools, the HMC is intended to be a low-cost, high-speed machining center meeting the demands of manufacturers with high-volume machining needs.

The machine has an X-Y traveling-column type design in whichthe pallet moves in the Z axis.  The automatic pallet changer (APC), located in front of the machine, provides easy access and reduces idle time. The rotary-type APC exchanges pallets in 5.9 sec. For pallet rotation in the machining envelope, a full-contouring B axis precisely indexes the pallet every 0.001 degree, and a hydraulic clamping mechanism is used to clamp the pallet in place for repeatability. The B axis provides a 90-degree index time of 0.5 sec. 

The SH-4000P features a rigid Meehanite cast iron frame with a three-point leveling system. The eco-friendly LHL/LubeUSA grease lubrication system is standard for ways and ballscrews. The 40-mm (1.57") diameter ballscrews are class 3 with a double-nut, pre-loaded and pre-tensioned design enabling rapid traverse rates of 2,362 ipm. 

The machine’s high-power integral spindle delivers 15,000 rpm, 50 hp (10 min. rating) and 184 foot-pounds of torque at 980 rpm.

The standard 60 station automatic toolchanger changes tools in 1.4 sec. thanks to the Sankyo RollerDrive gearbox for the arm mechanism. Average chip-to-chip time is 2.6 sec. 

The FANUC OiM-F conversational control is said to provide reliability and the latest in servo and spindle technology. The OiM-F is capable of handling demanding high-speed machining applications and is available with a full complement of high-speed machining options for mold detail and electrode machining.


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