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A Special Message from Eriez

Product Categories of Eriez

  • Chip Conveyors & Handling Equipment
  • Coolant Delivery Systems
  • Coolant Reclamation Equipment
  • Lifting & Positioning Equipment
  • Oil Filtration & Treatment Equipment

Trade Names

  • Erium
  • Hydroflow
  • Magna-Rail
  • Magna-Roll
  • Safehold Lift Magnet
  • Selecto Lift Magnet
  • Star Filter

As seen in MMS

Coolant Recycling Systems Minimize Fluid Disposal
HydroFlow coolant recycling systems from Eriez are designed to recycle any water-miscible fluid.

Deep-Bed Gravity Filter Cleans Grinding Coolant
Eriez HydroFlow’s deep-bed gravity filter offers long lead-in and flow-out of disposable media to eliminate dirty coolant by-pass around media.

Eriez Announces 2014 Orange University Schedule
A mobile education center will travel the United States and Canada, providing free education and training sessions to customers.

Electro Lifting Magnets Rated for Continuous Operation
The Lightweight Selecto SL and ST series electro lifting magnets from Eriez are designed to enable faster, reliable lifts.

Fluid-Management Systems Maximize Recycling Potential
CRS fluid-recycling systems from Eriez are self-contained coolant- and fluid-management systems capable of recycling water-miscible fluids to maximum potential.

Coolant Cleaners Maximize Cutting Tool Life
Eriez’s HydroFlow permanent magnetic and rare earth coolant cleaners are designed for use with surface grinders, gear grinders, honing and lapping machines, milling and drilling machines, and other equipment requiring clean coolant.

Permanent Lifting Magnets Operate Hands-Free
The SafeHold APL series of permanent lifting magnets from Eriez requires no electricity and enables hands-free operation.

Eriez Launches 24/7 Hotline
The company now offers a service line as part of its equipment warranty.

Permanent Magnetic Belt Conveyors Save Space
Permanent magnetic belt conveyors from Eriez provide a space-saving solution for moving and elevating ferrous materials in vertical, inclined or horizontal handling situations.

Lifting Magnet Guide Offered
Eriez offers a free guide on lifting magnets titled “How to Choose and Use Lifting Magnets.”

Suspended Electromagnets for Heavy-Duty Applications
Eriez has added a series of industrial-type suspended electromagnets for heavy-duty coal and mining applications to its Suspended Electromagnets (SE) 7000 model line.

Filtration and Fluid Recycling Systems Available
Eriez’s HydroFlow Fluid Filtration Systems brochure provides product information on the company’s industrial filtration and fluid recycling systems.

Electromagnets for Steel Handling
Eriez offers its Electro Lift electromagnets in Selecto, bi-polar and rectangular designs for applications such as lifting steel sheets and unloading ships, containers or railcars.

Mobile Training Center on the Move
The Eriez Orange University mobile training and education center is touring Southern states this spring.

Portable Inline Fluide Reclamation Machine
Eriez Hydroflow’s SumpDoc is a portable inline fluid reclamation machine that provides complete coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment.

On-Call Coolant Reclamation Unit
Portability enables this coolant reclamation unit to be used on many different machine tools. Plus, it can be used without shutting down the machine.

Lifting Magnets Protect Workers
SafeHold MPL series permanent lifting magnets from Eriez enable users to lift, move and position materials without manually releasing the magnet or using slings, hooks or cables.

Clean Coolants without Stopping Production
Eriez Hydroflow’s SumpDoc portable inline fluid reclamation machine restores coolant and metalworking fluids in the machine tool sump with minimal operator interface.

A Technology Sampling from FABTECH 2012
Here are a few technologies spotted at the 2012 edition of Fabtech, the annual metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event.

Coolant Reclamation Unit on Call
Portability enables this coolant reclamation unit to be used on many different machines. Plus, it does its thing while the machine tool remains operating.