Magnetic Chip, Part Conveyors Promote Operator Safety

Eriez offers safety and productivity with its permanent magnetic chip and parts conveyor models.


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Permanent magnetic chip and parts conveyors from Eriez are designed for safety and productivity. The conveyors move and elevate ferrous materials such as chips, turnings, small parts and stampings. These units reduce maintenance and are designed to promote operator safety.

Four frame sizes are available with four to five standard slider bed widths. The 6¼" (159-mm) deep Model 6 is designed for restricted areas under smaller machines or where a relatively small volume of material is to be moved. For larger areas and greater volumes, the 9¼" (235-mm) deep Model 9 conveyor is recommended. The 2¼" (311-mm) Model 12 provides the magnet power and large surface area to continuously remove larger quantities of ferrous materials. Where exceptionally large quantities of chips are involved—up to 10 tons per hr.—the 21¼" (540-mm) deep Model 21 is said to be ideal.

The company’s Tuf-Trac drive system is featured on conveyor models 6, 9 and 12. The drive chain rides in an oil-impregnated Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) track, designed to operate quietly and maximize conveyor life. Tuf-Trac is said to eliminate the need for oil inside the conveyor housing. The conveyors have no moving external parts to cause a jam, break or personnel injury. Besides the externally mounted drive motor, the conveyors are self-contained, with a conveyor mechanism that is completely enclosed.