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Multifunctional DHC INOX and DHC SLOT solid carbide cutters
Multifunctional DHC INOX and DHC SLOT solid carbide cutters

Multifunctional DHC INOX and DHC SLOT solid carbide cutters The new DHC INOX from FETTE has four cutting edges, and was specially developed for cutting stainless steel, titanium, nickel-based alloys and short-chipping aluminum. The high number of teeth makes it particularly suitable for high tooth feed when trimming. DHC stands for Different Helix Cutter: different spiral angles of 41° and 44° on the sequential cutting edges, combined with large rake angles, also reduce force magnitudes and vibrations, allowing an increased volume removal rate. The short version of the cutter can increase the feed rate by up to another 40%, and does this at the same time as achieving finished quality! The newly developed DHC SLOT from FETTE has three cutting edges. It is ideally suited to slotting work thanks to its large chip spaces and its extremely good chip removal. Each cutting edge has a different helix angle (33°/35°/37°) combined with a further increase in the rake angles. These tools therefore satisfy the high performance demands made of the DHC cutters. And this applies to the full spectrum of machined materials. In summary, the advantages of using the new DHC specialized cutting tools can be described as follows: - Economical machining of stainless steel, titanium and nickelbased alloys, short-chipping aluminum - Finished quality achieved even when roughing - Multifunctionality: one working pass is saved - Process reliability with significantly increased tool lives - Increased volume removal rate - Shortening of production times - Reduction of production costs

The new Flatball from FETTE
The new Flatball from FETTE

The new Flatball solid carbide copying end mill avoids zero speed at the centre The new Flatball from FETTE is a particularly valuable addition to the HSCline family of end mills. Its particular geometrical feature is the implementation of the face cutting edges. These consist of two semicircles, and are arranged in such a way that the smallest cutting circle diameter is always 2 mm. This avoids the cutting centre working with the awkward zero speed. This is helpful for minimizing wear at the cutting center whilst at the same time reducing heat dissipation, so increasing tool life and raising process reliability. What is more, in contrast to conventional ball nose copying mills, larger stroke intervals can be achieved with the same surface quality when contour milling, thereby significantly reducing cutting times. Another advantage of using these mills is the reduction in residual material in the floor/wall region that is a consequence of the smaller corner radius in comparison with conventional ball nose copying mills. This new Flatball, which is offered in a range of diameters from 6 - 12 mm, successfully takes an important development step in the direction of reducing costs in the field of its main application, tool and mould construction.

µ-Jet and Air-Jet indexable inserts
µ-Jet and Air-Jet indexable inserts

µ-Jet and Air-Jet indexable inserts ? dynamic precision in ideal time The new µ-Jet generation of indexable inserts from KIENINGER unites the maximum possible material removal performance with top precision when roughing, machining remaining material and semifinishing in die and mould making. The improved chip curler geometry significantly increases the rate of chip removal. The tool life is also extended, which saves hard cash. Very smooth running permits reliable working. The pressed centre of the cutting edge guarantees outstanding chip removal even at high feed rates. The advantages of the new µ-Jet indexable inserts are of full benefit to all HSC machines ? not just to the latest models. µ-Jet indexable inserts are also available with integrated air cooling under the name of Air-Jet. The cooling channels here are directly integrated into the indexable insert, so providing the highest possible protection for the cutting edge.

Company Profile

About LMT The Leitz Metalworking Technology (LMT) Group consists of six companies, each of which is a leader in its respective technological field. It employs a total of 3,000 people worldwide. Together they produce precision tools for more than 90% of the cutting processes applied in metal and plastics processing. The members of the LMT Group are: ·BELIN, France, is a technology leader in the field of high-performance carbide-metal, PCD and CBN reamers and high-precision grooving mills and all-carbide end milling cutters for plastics and aluminum alloys. ·BILZ, Germany, operates in the field of tool clamping technology. It is a leading maker of thread-tapping chucks and producer of the ThermoGrip® system for the thermal clamping of revolving tools. ·BOEHLERIT, Austria, manufactures cutting materials for metal, composites, plastics and wood as well as carbide metals for non-cutting applications. It has acquired a worldwide reputation for producing the very best carbide metals and tools for lathe turning, milling, drilling and rotary peeling as well as chipless forming. ·FETTE, Germany, is acknowledged as an outstanding manufacturer of precision milling and hobbing tools. It offers an extensive range of carbide-metal and high-speed steel tools for metal and plastics processing and for thread-rolling systems and thread-tapping dies. ·KIENINGER, Germany, is a world leader in the development and production of special cutting systems for complex boring applications and precision machining in the die and mold sectors as well as for the field of tool- and model-making. ·ONSRUD CUTTER, USA, specializes in the production of end-milling cutters for the high-speed machining of aluminum, plastics and composite materials in the aerospace industry. For more information, visit, or contact LMT USA Inc., Inc., 1997 Ohio Street, Lisle, IL, 60532 Phone: (800) 225-0852, Fax: (630) 969-5492, E-mail:

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LMT-Fette Mold & Die Tools - LMT-FETTE offers a complete selection of roughing and finishing milling cutters for the mold and die industry. Our program offering includes both inch and metric cutter bodies as well as a wide range of insert styles, grades, and diameters.

LMT-Fette End Mills -

LMT-Fette Carbide Milling Tools & Inserts - LMT-FETTE's precision indexable milling cutters and inserts provide for maximum metal removal. The unique design is free cutting, meaning less horsepower is required from your machine tool. This cutting system combined with LMT-FETTE's advanced grade and coating technology, results in incredible accuracy, repeatability, and extended tool life - all of which improve your productivity while reducing your costs.

LMT-Fette Thread Rolling Systems - LMT-FETTE's axial, radial and tangential thread rolling systems provide the most complete program available in the industry. Capitalizing on our German heritage, LMT-FETTE remains the industry leader, delivering to you the precision engineered thread rolling systems that were pioneered and perfected by Wilhelm Fette, GMbH. With threading times below one second, you'll experience exceptionally high levels of productivity. Specifically, LMT-FETTE thread rolling heads eliminate the costly multiple passes required in traditional single point thread cutting.

LMT-Fette Hobs - LMT-FETTE's legendary German carftsmanship and precision have earned us a world-call reputation for producing hobs that are unsurpassed in the gear indsutry. Combining premium materials, state of the art coatings and the most advanced heat-treating processes, LMT-FETTE produces hobs that out-perform all others.

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Thread Rolling Heads Speed Setups
LMT Fette, a division of LMT Tools Group, offers the EVOline thread rolling head system for OD threadforming.

Insert Coating Enables Wear Detection
LMT offers NanomoldRed, a high-performance insert coating for mold and die applications.

Plunge-Milling System for Finishing
LMT Kieninger will display its SpeedLift milling head system designed for finishing passport and guide surfaces.

Thread-Rolling Heads Save Time
LMT’s thread-rolling head systems can be used on virtually any machine tool including basic engine lathes, pillar drills, rotary transfer machines, NC and CNC lathes, and machining centers, among others.

Thread Roll Tools Suitable for Variety of Machine Tools
LMT Fette says its thread rolling head systems can be used on virtually any type of machine tool.

Tooling Solutions for Cutting and Forming
LMT will showcase tooling solutions for diverse cutting and forming applications at IMTS 2012.

Modular Tap Cuts Cast Materials
LMT’s XChange modular tap features a solid carbide cutting head screwed onto a steel shank using a patented interface connection.

Video: 80-Insert Crankshaft Cutter
This video footage shows a massive crankshaft being machined on a turn-mill machine using an 80-insert cutter nearly 5-inches in diameter.

Cutters For Composite Machining
LMT Onsrud’s diamond film-coated compression tool is suited for machining composite materials. The cutter geometry features a spiral design in which the upcut and downcut spiral flutes intersect from both directions and push the individual layers of the composite material together.

Octagonal Cutter Mills Steel, Cast Iron
The MultiEdge Double 8 cutter from LMT Fette is said to be ideal for economically machining mild steels and cast iron materials. Inserts can be used on both sides, for a total of 16 cutting edges.

Nano Technology Improves Insert Coating Adhesion
The needle-like surface structure of this TiCN insert coating interlocks with a succeeding layer of aluminum oxide to enable the insert to resist both heat and abrasion.

Four-Feed Milling Cutter Enables Regrinding

Induction Shrink-Fit Units

Pre-Synchronized Design Eliminates Roll Timing

Helical Ballnose Insert Reduces Vibration

Lathe Toolholders For Turning Away
Think 'unattended machining,' and the image in your mind is probably complex - that is, some machining process that relies on automation more than the typical machining process does. But does going unattended have to involve this complexity? Instead of requiring automation, allowing the operator to step away from the machine tool might just be a matter of addressing the sources of worry that keep that operator engaged.

High-Feed End Mills

Rolling Threads Has Advantages
With macros and canned cycles resident in the CNC on most contemporary turning centers, single point turning of OD threads can seem like almost a default process decision. However, for numerous applications, OD thread rolling has inherent advantages as an alternative to cutting threads.

Axial Thread Rolling For CNC Lathe Users
This article is aimed at shops that have already decided to thread roll with their CNC turning centers and would appreciate more process information.