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Product Categories of LMT USA Inc.

  • Chamfering Tools
  • Die and Mold Components
  • End Mills
  • Form Tools
  • Gear Cutting Tools
  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
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  • Milling Cutters
  • Tap Drivers & Attachments
  • Thread Rolling Attachments
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  • Toolholders
  • Tooling Materials, Carbides

Trade Names

  • Belin
  • Bilz
  • Boehlerit
  • Fette
  • HPF
  • Kieninger
  • LMT
  • Onsrud
  • Thread Roll
  • Twincut
  • Univex
  • Xchange

As seen in MMS

On Display at Amerimold 2016
Highlights include modular workholding, stable cutting tools, new machine tool offerings and non-contact measurement.

Insert Coating Enables Wear Detection
LMT offers NanomoldRed, a high-performance insert coating for mold and die applications.

Plunge-Milling System for Finishing
LMT Kieninger will display its SpeedLift milling head system designed for finishing passport and guide surfaces.

Thread-Rolling Heads Save Time
LMT’s thread-rolling head systems can be used on virtually any machine tool including basic engine lathes, pillar drills, rotary transfer machines, NC and CNC lathes, and machining centers, among others.

Thread Roll Tools Suitable for Variety of Machine Tools
LMT Fette says its thread rolling head systems can be used on virtually any type of machine tool.

Modular Tap Cuts Cast Materials
LMT’s XChange modular tap features a solid carbide cutting head screwed onto a steel shank using a patented interface connection.

Video: 80-Insert Crankshaft Cutter
This video footage shows a massive crankshaft being machined on a turn-mill machine using an 80-insert cutter nearly 5-inches in diameter.

Cutters For Composite Machining
LMT Onsrud’s diamond film-coated compression tool is suited for machining composite materials. The cutter geometry features a spiral design in which the upcut and downcut spiral flutes intersect from both directions and push the individual layers of the composite material together.

Octagonal Cutter Mills Steel, Cast Iron
The MultiEdge Double 8 cutter from LMT Fette is said to be ideal for economically machining mild steels and cast iron materials. Inserts can be used on both sides, for a total of 16 cutting edges.

Nano Technology Improves Insert Coating Adhesion
The needle-like surface structure of this TiCN insert coating interlocks with a succeeding layer of aluminum oxide to enable the insert to resist both heat and abrasion.

Four-Feed Milling Cutter Enables Regrinding

Induction Shrink-Fit Units

Pre-Synchronized Design Eliminates Roll Timing

Helical Ballnose Insert Reduces Vibration

Lathe Toolholders For Turning Away
Think 'unattended machining,' and the image in your mind is probably complex - that is, some machining process that relies on automation more than the typical machining process does. But does going unattended have to involve this complexity? Instead of requiring automation, allowing the operator to step away from the machine tool might just be a matter of addressing the sources of worry that keep that operator engaged.

High-Feed End Mills

Rolling Threads Has Advantages
With macros and canned cycles resident in the CNC on most contemporary turning centers, single point turning of OD threads can seem like almost a default process decision. However, for numerous applications, OD thread rolling has inherent advantages as an alternative to cutting threads.

Axial Thread Rolling For CNC Lathe Users
This article is aimed at shops that have already decided to thread roll with their CNC turning centers and would appreciate more process information.