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Collet Chuck Essentials

“Understanding CNC Collet Chucks” has been one of the most read articles in our archives during the past several years and continues to get substantial traffic today.

Clamping Options for Five-Axis Machining

In five-axis machining, the workholding has to get out of the way. The wrong choice of clamping risks collision and can obscure one of the principal benefits of a five-axis machine.

A Modular Clamping System for Bulky Parts

Here’s one fixturing alternative for clamping large workpieces such as mold and fracking components.

Video: Multi-Axis Quick-Change Workholding

Whether you’re working on complex or relatively straightforward geometries, matching the workholding and tooling to the application maximizes performance.

The Various Styles of Mechanical Indexers

Mechanical rotary indexers like these can be installed on a machine quickly and take up less table real estate of motorized indexers.

Video: Cap Screws Not Required

An article with video highlights the quick-change advantages of a dovetail vise jaw interface.

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Actuation for Collet Blocks?

Collet-style workholding devices like collet blocks offer a number of benefits, but which actuating method is most appropriate for you?

Shop Solution for Faster Jaw Change-Overs

This shop turned a problem into a product line.

Know About the “Headless Bolt” Fixturing Alternative?

This fastener enables fast workpiece change-overs compared to conventional bolts. Its compact design means there’s less cutter interference, too.

Celebrating 40 Years by Giving Back

To honor the 40th anniversary of LNS Group (based in Orvin, Switzerland), the company’s more than 800 employees have committed to give back to their communities through public service.

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Self centering vise is a cost effective and universal workholding method for five sided machining.