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New Clamping System Shortens Setup Times

The more quickly a setup can be completed, the sooner a machine tool can begin cutting chips. A new clamping system from GF Machining Solutions provides just that.

Video: Otto Motors Is Bringing Self-Driving Vehicles to the Manufacturing Floor

Otto Motors is showing its self-driving vehicles in booth NC-660 designed for the materials handling industry, with what seems like potential for wider applications.

What’s Photo-Activated Adhesive Workholding?

Photo-activated adhesive workholding can simplify clamping of complex-shaped parts and provide increased tool access during five-axis machining operations.

Technology That Enables You To Get A Grip

Since 2012, German soccer goalkeeper legend Jens Lehmann has acted as brand ambassador for precise gripping and safe holding from Schunk. In keeping with that theme, the company is again giving away it signature blue soccer balls in its Booth W-2000...

Moldmaker Speeds Production with 3D-Printed Fixtures

A 3D printer helps this mold manufacturer save time and money in making custom fixturing.

Vise System for Quickly Clamping 16 Parts

A New York job shop minimizes setup and change-over time with a homegrown system consisting of closely spaced double-acting vises embedded into a plate. After using it for decades, the shop is now supplying this system to other shops.

What’s a Parakeep?

According to its manufacturer, it’s a device that effectively keeps workholding parallels in place while a vise is opened and closed.

Two-Minute Video: Advantage of Twin-Pallets/Dual-Station Vises

This short, simple video demonstrates one way to maximize spindle up-time using a pallet-changing VMC.

Video: Automation Inside the Workzone

What is automation? Not just a robot. Technology for holding, moving and measuring the part inside the machine can also achieve considerable time and labor savings.

Why Not Lights-Out Inspection?

A contract shop in Connecticut is developing a process to enable its new CMM to inspect multiple parts unattended, thereby minimizing the impact that part measurement has on the company’s bottom line.

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Self centering vise is a cost effective and universal workholding method for five sided machining.