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Horizontal Machining Centers (HMCs)
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A horizontal machining center (HMC) is a machining center with its spindle in a horizontal orientation. This machining center design favors uninterrupted production work. One reason for this is that the horizontal orientation encourages chips to fall away, so they don’t have to be cleared from the table. More significantly, the horizontal design allows a two-pallet workchanger to be incorporated into a space-efficient machine. To save time, work can be loaded on one pallet of an horizontal machining center while machining occurs on the other pallet.

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The Costs and Benefits of Horizontal Machining

The shift from vertical to horizontal machining was even more expensive than this shop anticipated. It was also more valuable. Most of the shop’s machining centers are HMCs now—here’s why.

Adopting a 24/7 Mindset

This shop considered a number of factors before establishing an effective process to run an HMC cell around the clock for applications in aerospace, oilfield and other industries.

A Production Line Takes Shape

Although Pointe Precision built its reputation on low-volume, high-complexity aerospace and medical parts, its expansive high-volume production line may be its biggest success to date. Sound decision-making and attention to details at every step are the keys to this success.

Secrets to the Art of Hand Scraping

By: Mark Albert
Hand scraping of mating surfaces on a machine tool enables the surfaces to be flatter, more accurately aligned, longer wearing and freer to glide across one another. No automated or mechanical operation can match these benefits. Machine builder Okuma explains how this seeming paradox is true.

Product Slideshow: Machining Centers

By: Stephanie Monsanty
The March issue includes a spotlight section on machining centers. Click through the slideshow to learn more about these machines and others.

Yasda 7Ti five-axis HMC

Five-Axis HMC Handles Heat-Resistant Materials

By: Edited by Stephanie Monsanty
Available from Methods Machine Tools, the Yasda YBM 7Ti five-axis horizontal machining center features a rotary table and rigid machine structure for high-performance machining of heat-resistant materials such as titanium and Inconel.

Doosan DNM 200/5AX VMC

March 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Machining Centers

By: Edited by Stephanie Monsanty
Click through this slideshow for HMCs, VMCs, multitasking centers and more.

HMC for Four- or Five-Axis Machining of Small to Medium Sized Steel

By: Lori Beckman (editor)
SW North America Inc.’s BA 322 is a compact, twin-spindle HMC targeted for four- or five-axis machining of small to medium-sized steel, cast iron and light metal workpieces.

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