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Product Categories of Jones & Shipman Hardinge Limited

  • Grinding Attachments & Accessories
  • Grinding Machines, Creep Feed
  • Grinding Machines, Cylindrical OD
  • Grinding Machines, Internal Cylindrical
  • Grinding Machines, Profile
  • Grinding Machines, Surface, Reciprocal Table
  • Grinding Machines, Surface, Rotary Table
  • Grinding Machines, Thread
  • Grinding Machines, Universal (ID/OD)
  • Grinding Wheel Dressing Units
  • Indexers & Rotary Tables

Trade Names

  • 524
  • 524 Easy
  • 624
  • 624 Easy
  • Dominator
  • J&S
  • Jones Shipman
  • ProGrind
  • ProGrind Easy
  • Suprema
  • TechMaster
  • TechMaster Easy
  • UltraGrind
  • Ultramat
  • Ultramat CNC
  • Ultramat Easy

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February 2014 Product Spotlight: Grinding
Click through this slideshow to see the grinding products featured in February's Modern Equipment Review Spotlight section.

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Extends Wheel Life
Jones and Shipman, a subsidiary of Hardinge, offers its Suprema 1000M cylindrical grinding machine, which features a 160-mm center height with a 100-kg weight capacity.

Powerful, Flexible CNC grinder
 Jones & Shipman’s next generation UltraGrind CNC cylindrical grinding machine features a modular wheelhead design with multiple wheel spindles to increase power, accuracy and component weight handling.

CNC Grinder Features Modular Wheelhead Design
Built on a one-piece bed design, the next generation UltraGrind CNC cylindrical grinding machine from Jones & Shipman features a modular wheelhead design that not only offers multiple wheel spindles, but also more power, more accuracy and increased component weight handling. The machine is also said to be highly modular in configuration.

CNC Grinder Offers More Power, Flexibility
The rigid, one-piece bed design of the next-generation UltraGrind CNC cylindrical grinding machine from Jones & Shipman provides stability and high stock removal rates while maintaining high precision, the company says. The mechanical, electrical and software features are said to ensure easy operation and change-over in demanding production environments.

Compact CNC Grinding Machine
The Dominator 624 CNC machine is the smallest in a three-model lineup from Jones & Shipman, yet it is said to offer all the functionality of a high-precision grinding cell in one, compact machine. The machine offers multi-axis creep-feed, surface and profile grinding and a GE Fanuc intelligent terminal CNC within a 2,025- × 1,500-mm footprint.  The machine’s compact size makes it ideal for use in shops where space is at a premium, but precision, ease-of-use and high productivity rates are still paramount, the company says.

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Offers Easy Programming
The Ultramat CNC grinding machine is designed for high-volume production work in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as high-precision, sub-contract machining for medical and motorsports applications. The machine features a one-piece bed design and is said to combine rigidity and high precision with a

Grinding Machines Boost Productive Precision
The company presents three new grinders that are said to be designed to boost productivity without sacrificing precision. The three machines include the Suprema 650 cylindrical grinding machine, the Dominator 624 creep feed grinding machine and the TechMaster 634 surface grinding machine. Each machine features the

Surface Grinder Saves Time From Timing Belt Molds
A machine shop recently faced a challenge relating to producing large mold cores for the tooling it uses to manufacture the long-lasting, top-performing timing belts that have made the company a leading supplier of such products to automotive OEMs.

Surface Grinder Features Manual Or CNC Operation

Grinder Helps Medical Developer Transition To Manufacturing
Surgical Innovations (Si) is a pioneer in the development of equipment for endoscopic surgery. The Leeds, England company was established in 1992 by a surgeon and an instrument maker to develop an articulating instrument that could be inserted through a small hole and actuated into a predefined shape to move organs during laparoscopic surgery. Today Si designs, manufactures and supplies a range of products for minimally invasive procedures and autologous blood transfusion.

Touchscreen Technology Can Replace CNC For Various Applications

Production Grinding Machine

Grinder Performs Automatic Dressing And Grinding Cycles

CNC Grinding Cell Cuts Lead Times For Progressive Die Maker
In a search for ways to to turn grinding work around faster, this company decided to make better use of its CNC surface grinder, which proved successful.

Taking The "Magic" Out Of Grinding
This grinding machine builder has introduced a new CNC surface and profile grinder to help shops bridge the machinists' skills gap.

Machine Boosts Productivity Of Aerospace Component Manufacturer
The purchase of this CNC grinding center to replace a number of large and unreliable reciprocating-type grinders has boosted production and proved invaluable for machining blades, turbine nozzle guide vanes and rotor blades for air- and land-based gas turbine engines at this British aerospace manufacturer.

Grinding Cell Yields Automatic Rewards
Sheffield, United Kingdom-based tool manufacturer Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment (UDCE) manufactures a wide range of products for the engineering, fabrication and construction industries, including electro-magnetic drilling systems, broaching cutters, tungsten carbide cutters, industrial cutters and specialized engineering tools.

Evolving The Surface Grinder
A creep feed/surface grinder proves a winning combination for airfoil machining cells.

Universal Grinder Takes The Heat Out Of Brake Servo Production
Dunlop Aviation Braking Systems was looking to replace outdated machinery and to gearup the match grind cell of its brake system manufacturing module.