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Company Profile

Quality Solutions for a Productive Shop Floor

Marposs is the world’s leading supplier of precision metrology equipment for improving productivity and reducing costs in manufacturing. Through gauges, controls and software products specifically designed for use on the shop floor, Marposs enables manufacturers to efficiently move measurement, inspection and process control out of the lab and closer to the machining process. Marposs has responded to its customers’ needs to reliably measure and document quality by developing a new generation of measurement and inspection products that are extremely accurate, easy to use and that provide a rapid return on investment.


Product Categories of Marposs Corp.

  • Communications Networks, & Data Transmission Equipment
  • Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
  • Gages - Digital
  • Gages - Mechanical
  • Gear Inspection
  • Gear Inspection Equipment
  • Grinding Attachments & Accessories
  • Grinding Wheel Dressing Units
  • Laser Measurement Systems
  • Leak Testing Equipment
  • Machine Monitoring Systems
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Material Testing & Analysis Equipment
  • On-Machine Probes
  • Probes, Electromechanical
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Roundness Measuring Equipment
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
  • Tool Condition Monitoring Systems

Trade Names

  • AMA, advanced measuring armset
  • Artis Brankamp machine monitoring
  • BLU one cable control network
  • DigiCrown digital measuring network
  • E9066 industrial computer
  • Easy Box, interface box
  • EddyFlex NDT testing
  • Fenar grinder gauge head
  • Gage Box modular data acquisition system
  • iWave2 wireless handle
  • Laser 75P tool verification system
  • M1 Star EBG (Electronic Bore Gauge)
  • M1 Wave wireless bore gauge
  • M1Star MBG (Mechanical Bore Gauge)
  • M2 Wave Wireless Electronic Snap Gauge
  • M3 Star Slim Snap Gauge
  • Merlin gauge computer
  • Merlin Mobile wrist-mounted Gauge Computer
  • Mida Diamond
  • Mida OGP70 optical spindle probe
  • Mida ORI optical receiver
  • Mida Probes
  • Mida WRS (World Radio System)
  • Nemo compact gauge computer
  • Optoquick Set optoelectronic gauge
  • Quick Block universal measuring armset
  • Quick Read microcolumn measurement display
  • Quick Set retoolable gauge system for shafts
  • Quick Snap retoolable manual snap gauge
  • Quick SPC statistical process control software
  • Red Crown pencil probe
  • Unimar in process grinder gauge

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Product Announcements Provided By Marposs Corp.

New Software for On-Machine Measurement


As seen in MMS

Distributed Control Network for Machine Tools
Marposs will introduce its new Blú distributed control network for machine tools.

On-Machine Probes for Effective Process Control
The Marposs Mida Diamond line of machine tool touch probes and tool setters has been developed to control the entire production process in all of its phases, from workpiece setup and inspection to tool presetting and control.

Collision Monitoring System Protects Machine Tools
Marposs Corp. will feature the Brankamp CMS collision monitoring system, designed to reduce or eliminate machine collisions that generally lead to high repair costs and downtime.

Gage Speeds Gear Checking
Marposs offers the G25 probe for contact scanning for pre- and post-process cycles on gear grinders and machining centers.

Real-Time Tool Monitoring
Machine operators have long dreamt of a process monitoring system that detects tool wear, and potentially catastrophic conditions and automatically compensates for changes in tool geometry after resharpening. Now that dream is a reality.

Wireless Manual Gage Displays Results on Handle
Marposs introduces its iWave2 wireless manual gage featuring a durable, ergonomically-designed handle incorporating a computer with 1.8" TFT color screen for displaying the measurement value in the operator’s hand.

Gage Amplifiers Enable In-Process Grinding Monitoring
Marposs offers its next-generation P3up and P7up electronic gage amplifiers that connect with Marposs measuring heads for reliable in-process workpiece monitoring on grinding machines.

Compact Tool Setter Speeds, Simplifies Setup
Marposs Corp. will introduce its Mida TS30-90 tool setter for machining centers, which features an integrated interface incorporated within its compact body that is designed to speed and simplify setup on the machine tool.

Monitoring System Eases Complex Process Evaluation
Marposs offers its next-generation Artis CTM V6 tool, machine and process monitoring system, which safeguards and optimizes complex production processes thanks to aligned, in-process monitoring.

Gaging Probe Contact Scans Gear Grinders
The G25 gaging probe from Marposs is designed for contact scanning for pre- and post-process cycles on gear grinders and machining centers.

Monitoring System Protects Tools, Processes
Marposs Corp. will introduce its new-generation Artis CTM V6 tool and process monitoring system.

In-Process Monitoring System Improves Part Quality
Marposs offers the Artis CTM-V5 system with DDU-4 torque and feed-force sensor for identifying tool breakage and worn tools.

Optical Touch Probe for Large Machining Centers
Marposs will showcase the Mida VOS optical touch probe system for use on large three- and five-axis machining centers.

Monitoring System for Complete Production
The Marposs Monitoring Solutions initiative provides monitoring systems for complete production fields.

Modular Process Monitoring and Control System Increases Process Safety
Available from Marposs, Artis Systems’ Genior Modular process monitoring and control system is designed to increase process safety of machine tools without complex and tedious setting.

Radio System Enables Machine Tool Setup, Inspection
Suitable for part setup and inspection on medium to large machining centers and mills, Marposs’ World Radio System includes a wireless touch probe, wireless tool setter and wireless bore gage, all of which communicate via a single radio frequency receiver.

Tool Breakage Detection System
Marposs’ Mida TBD non-contact tool breakage detector unit is designed to provide fast and reliable verification of tool presence or breakage inside the machine tool.

Crash-Sensing System
Artis Systems, a unit of Marposs, offers the Crashsensor ACS-3 three-axis acceleration sensor with datalogger.

Gage Computer Offers Enhanced Data Storage, Operating Features
Marposs offers an additional version of its Merlin-embedded gage computer with Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

Probing Systems and Software for On-Machine Measuring
Marposs’ 3D Shape Inspector part measurement and verification software is designed for machine tools with as many as five axes.