Marposs Updates Optical Testing System Software

Marposs has updated its software for Optoquick and Optoflash with a smart-search function for viewing results, as well as a user-friendly interface.


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A press photo of the Marposs Optoquick and Marposs Optoflash

Marposs has updated the software within its Optoquick and Optoflash optical technology testing systems. The updated software promotes user-friendliness with an optimized interface, helping users utilize and configure new measurements, while a smart-search function archives all measurements for retrieval.

Optoquick is an optical and contact gauging solution that Marposs says is suited for high-precision gauging controls on cam, crank, gear and drive shafts. The company says it provides a fast and precise quality control solution directly next to the machine tool on the manufacturing floor, speeding up work-in-progress operations and eliminating time wasted in moving parts across the shop floor. Optoquick is available in five different models based upon part size.

The company’s Optoflash is a precision measuring solution based on 2D optical technology, and the device provides fast and extensive quality control of small-size shafts and fasteners. Optoflash features an industrial-grade architecture which Marposs says makes it well-suited for both laboratory and production environments. The company says Optoflash’s four currently available models best suit the precision mechanical device and medical industries.