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Company Profile

Okuma America Corporation is the US based affiliate of Okuma Corporation, a world leader in the development of computer numeric controls (CNC) and machining technology, founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan. Okuma is known for its technology leadership and world-class manufacturing, product quality and dedication to customer service. Okuma products are used in the automotive, aerospace and defense, construction and farming equipment, oil and energy, medical, mold and die, and fluid power industries. With Okuma as your machining partner you are free to imagine a more productive, cost-effective solution, knowing we can work together to make it happen.

Product Categories of Okuma America Corporation

  • Automated Pallet Systems
  • Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
  • Drilling & Tapping Machines, CNC
  • Grinding Machines, Cylindrical OD
  • Grinding Machines, Internal Cylindrical
  • Grinding Machines, Universal (ID/OD)
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Machining Cells & FMS
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Milling Machines, Planer, Gantry & Bridge Type
  • Milling Machines, Universal
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
  • Software, Machinability Databases
  • Software, NC Program Optimization
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Inverted Vertical, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Multi-Turret
  • Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC
  • Universal Machining Centers
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis

Deep Links

Lunch is on us

Watch a quick video, learn about the Okuma OSP control and we will buy you lunch!
Find out how the open-architecture of the Okuma OSP P-control enhances productivity through a customizable user interface, gives quick access to manuals and help features, and enables the use of machine tool apps and widgets. With the new OSP suite and ECO suite, this CNC control is like no other. Set up multiple users, monitor and reduce electricity consumption and become more productive and efficient. Learn more now.

High performance at an affordable price

Looking for a high performing machine tool at an affordable price? Look no more. Okuma’s Affordable Excellence line of products includes horizontal lathes and vertical and horizontal machining centers – in a variety of sizes and configurations, and with plenty of productivity-enhancing options. Choose from the GENOS L lathes, LB3000 EX-II lathes, GENOS M460-V and 560-V vertical machining centers and the popular MB-4000H and MB-5000H horizontal machining centers. There is something for almost any shop, at prices surprisingly low. See the complete line up by visiting Okuma Affordable Excellence webpage.

There's a machine tool app for that

Enabled by the open-architecture of the Okuma OSP P-control, the Okuma App Store empowers users with nearly 30 apps to aid in communication, productivity, connectivity and more. Developed by Okuma engineers, members of Partners in THINC, engineers from our distributors and even by customers, these apps make your Okuma machine tool easier to use and more productive. Apps include: Scheduled Maintenance, MTConnect, gaging apps, tooling calculators, messaging apps, alarm notifier and more. You can even write your own apps.

Partners in THINC

Partners in THINC brings together multiple supportive companies from throughout the industry to create the best manufacturing solution for our customers. The Partners in THINC facility is a meeting ground where innovative thinkers come together to test ideas and sharpen solutions. It allows Partners to test a variety of products and configurations in order to determine the optimum set-up for nearly any application. Built on a foundation of the open-architecture OSP control, the facility is open application development in action. Our partners and customers are invited to witness this revolutionary approach to industry development. Bring your best challenge while you're at it. Let's put our partners to work.

High Performance Motorsports / Automotive

Global competition in the automotive market continues to grow, and being successful means producing long run and short run parts efficiently, accurately and on time. Durable and reliable Okuma machining centers and lathes give you the capacity and flexibility you need to compete effectively, and, when used in conjunction with the THINC-OSP control, manufacture parts quickly, with accuracy and reliability. Competition in the field of motorsports also continues to grow. Okuma machine tools are setting the standard for high performance in the production of racing engine components—pistons, cylinder heads, camshafts, and wheels—with precise dimensional control for quality, reliability and durability. In 2004, we formed the Okuma High Performance Motorsports industry team to develop the machining technology that gives shops a competitive edge in the production of precision performance components. The lessons we’re learning here translate into improvements in technology for virtually every type of precision machining application.

We believe in Distribution

Okuma has spent decades building strong relationships with our network of distributor partners. With 44 well-respected distribution partners located throughout North and South America, Okuma offers you a one-stop resource for all things Okuma – sales, service, training, and more. More than 600 service professionals, from sales representatives to technicians, are available to work with you to design the technology solutions that address your core business needs. Choose Okuma and you’ll soon realize what the others are missing. Service, technology, quality – engineered to exceed expectations. Talk to your local distributor today.

Okuma CARE Okuma protects your investment with the most comprehensive customer service program in the industry. Through Okuma’s industry-leading service, we promise Constantly Available Resource Experts any time you need them. You have six ways to keep your Okuma machines in top running order: 24/7, True Blue CARE Remote, Board Repair, Spindle Exchange, and On Site Service. Our network of more than 250 qualified service technicians, strategically located throughout North America, average 8 years of technical experience and continually participate in classroom and factory training. Our customer relationship management software (CRM) catalogs all field support questions, problems and their resolutions, allowing our service technicians access to a full history of solutions. CRM also provides a record of service calls and their outcomes in case you need help from multiple service sources. Plus, all repair parts for Okuma machines are manufactured in our Charlotte, North Carolina facility and are shipped to you within 24 hours of your order.

Product Announcements Provided By Okuma America Corporation

Newest Generation in CNC Control Technology

Okuma Double Column Machining Centers

Okuma Grinders

Okuma Software

As seen in MMS

System Insights Joins Partners in THINC
The company develops systems for asset connectivity using MTConnect and OPC UA.

Thermal Stability Enables Lathe to Perform Heavy Cutting at High Speeds
Okuma’s LU3000 EX-M four-axis CNC lathe is designed for thermal stability, chatter prevention, heavy-duty cutting at high speeds and maximized uptime.

Cell Automates Multiple Part Change-Overs
An automated work cell on display in Okuma’s Booth S-8500 demonstrates not only robots loading and unloading parts, but also automated production run change-overs.

Okuma Welcomes Velocity/Briney to Partners in THINC
The new membership of Velocity/Briney brings the Velocity Smart Tool to use with Okuma machines.

Optimized Machining out of the Box
Four tooling-related companies partner to supply dynamically stable milling for improved productivity on existing machine tools. Users do not have to measure the dynamics of their machines. Instead, tooling tailored to the machine arrives as a complete assembly, along with software for quickly determining the parameters that tooling can be used to achieve.

Five-Axis Machine Features Large Work Envelope
Okuma’s MU-400V is a five-axis multi-sided machining center suited for the aerospace and die/mold industries, featuring a large work envelope and fully supported B-axis trunnion.

Tombstone City Joins Partners in Thinc
Tombstone City will be featured on Okuma machining centers at IMTS.

Automation Evangelists Cast Wide Net
This recent event was hosted by a network of suppliers in a single location touting a single message: Automation isn’t necessarily time-consuming and expensive, even for smaller shops.

Webinar: Using Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing to Improve Productivity
An upcoming webinar presented by Okuma and RPM Innovations will address AM’s role alongside subtractive manufacturing.

VMC for Cutting Large, Complex Parts
Okuma’s Genos M560-VA-HC VMC combines a high column design and CAT 40 Big-Plus spindle to cut large, complex parts.

Multitasking Turning Center Performs Multi-Sided Machining
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Five-Axis VMC Delivers Versatility and Superior Accuracy
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HMC with W Axis Cuts Exotic Materials
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Four-Axis Lathe Offers High Production for Automotive
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VMC Features Larger Work Envelope
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Compact CNC Grinder Now Equipped with Intelligent Control
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Video: Additive, Subtractive Cell Achieves High Throughput
Two industry suppliers say cells combining separate, dedicated equipment can outperform hybrid machines in high-volume industrial applications.

Five-Axis VMC Provides Stable Design, Error-Compensating Technologies
Okuma’s MU-4000V vertical machining center is designed for five-axis multi-sided machining applications in the aerospace and die/mold industries.

High-Throughput Cell Segregates Additive, Subtractive Processes
Two industry suppliers say cells combining separate, dedicated equipment can outperform hybrid machines in high-volume industrial applications.

Okuma Announces Hemaq as Distributor for Central America, Cuba, Dominican Republic
The company has already been representing Okuma in Mexico for almost three decades.