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Grinding is a machining process that takes a very light “cut” using abrasive media—typically an abrasive grinding wheel. Grinding wheels with different grit sizes achieve rougher or finer grinding passes, according to the needs of the application. When precise accuracy and/or surface finish are required, grinding is often used as a finishing process after some other metalworking operation. Grinding is also an effective process for machining workpiece materials that are too hard for milling or turning. Some grinders machine round parts. These machines include cylindrical grinders and centerless grinders. Some grind flat surfaces. These are surface grinders. Form grinders move the work and/or the wheel in various axes to grind surfaces that are precisely contoured. Still other grinders are dedicated solely to machining the hard materials necessary to produce cutting tools for other types of machining operations. These are referred to as tool grinders or cutter grinders.

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Ultra-Sensitive Honing Is Right on Target

The Sunnen HTC-series tube honing system can impart accuracy-enhancing bore geometry and size (±0.00005 inch end-to-end) with a finish of 3 to 8 microinches Ra. This technology is critical for honing small-caliber barrels efficiently and precisely.

Gearing Up to Make Big Gears

Over the years, this Indiana job shop/contract manufacturer developed a specialty in gear making. Now it is taking this specialty to a grander scale. Two large machines for high-precision internal gear grinding are the main anchors of the company’s new precision grinding room.

Advanced Grinding, Plain and Simple

A Walter Vision five-axis grinding machine at this shop is equipped with an automatic wheel changer and an autoloader. These features enable quick changeovers for short-run jobs and unattended operation for “lights-out” production of large batches.

Ensuring Accuracy by Containing Coolant

By: Peter Zelinski
One of the details that has been improved on a new cylindrical grinder is a casting design that isolates coolant from affecting the structure of the machine.

GPES-30 Series Grinder Features Accuracy of Less than 1 Micron

By: Lori Beckman (editor)
Shigiya (USA) Ltd. introduces its GPES-30 series of CNC eccentric pin/polygon grinders.

Video: The HardFinisher from Praewema

By: Russ Willcutt
New technology from Praewema enables a host of processes to be performed on one machine, using two spindles to cut teeth on internal or external gears.

Thread Grinding with ‘A’ Axis

By: Chris Felix (editor)
With several factors propelling a surge in demand for parts with technically complex external and internal threads with large pitches, the need for better accuracy and efficiency has created challenges.

Rollomatic ShapeSmart NP3

Cylindrical Grinder Suits Cutting Tool Production

By: Edited by Jedd Cole
Rollomatic’s ShapeSmart NP3 is a single-wheel cylindrical grinder with peel and traverse-grinding capabilities, designed for manufacturing blanks in the cutting tool industry as well as precision punches and similar parts.

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