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EMCO Maier turning and mulit-task centers -- designed for production

EMCOTurn 420 offers two turning machines on one base.
EMCOTurn 420 offers two turning machines on one base.

Two machines in one

Offering higher production potential, the ET 420MC is really two machines in one. With two main spindles, two counter-spindles and two tool turrets integrated into one system, it guarantees maximum productivity without the loss of flexibility. And it's just as easy to operate as a conventional CNC lathe. The programming for the second workpiece is simply transferred to the bottom system by means of a selector switch, making no additional programming necessary.The  ET420MC provides high rapid traverse speeds in all axes (x/z: 787 ipm, x1/z1: 787 ipm), pretensioned cross-roller linear guide-ways, a more efficient drive motor (12 hp), and the SIEMENS 840D control.


High production multi-task turning/milling center


A versatile, multi-task production turning/milling center designed for a wide range of applications on bar stock to 45 mm diameter, the Hyperturn 45, features high-performance main and counter spindles, two tool systems, stable Y axis, water-cooled spindle motors, dynamic digital drives, a thermo-symmetrical machine construction, and compact dimensions.
In addition to the two spindles, two turret tool systems with a total of up to 24 driven tools and a VDI25 rapid change system, as well as several automation options, the HT 45 includes a Y axis with a 70 mm travel in the upper slide system and a Z2 axis in the lower slide system. A 45mm (standard 32 mm) through-hole counter spindle is available for longer parts.
Very flexible, the machine can be applied in a wide range of sectors: from general mechanical engineering, job shops and the automotive supply industry, where production tends to involve large quantities, through to precision trades such as dental technology or the jewelry industry.
The main and counter spindles are equipped with integrated water-cooled spindle motors with high drive power of 15 kW, a maximum speed of 7,000 rpm and an even higher torque of 100 Nm. The counter spindle’s nose is also larger: With A2-5, the counter spindle can be used to remove bar stock parts with a diameter of up to 45 mm. Maximum turning diameter is 300 mm.

EMCO Maier VT250 high capacity vertical turning center
EMCO Maier VT250 high capacity vertical turning center

Vertical turning with automation


For vertical heavy-duty turning with integrated automation for chuck parts up to 200 mm dia.. t he high-torque, high-power 18 kW (24 hp) 4000-rpm main spindle of the VT250 makes turning, drilling and threading operations easy and cycle times brief. Even hard turning is possible thanks to the strong performance data, including main spindle torque of 250Nm. Axis travel is direct driven 20.9X12.2 in. in X and Z and +/- 3.5 in. in Y. Maximum work piece turning diameter is 7.87 in. and maximum length is 5.91 in.
There will be three versions of the VT 250 from basic to VT250 MY with direct-driven spindle, with live tools and Y axis.
The small-footprint VT 250 is equipped with an integrated self-loading pick-up system, saving the user the costs and programming time related to external automation. The complete package is attractively priced.
Equipped with oversized roller guides, the new machine is predominantly suited for work on short and heavy workpieces with a large diameter and lengths to 6 in. The large guide rails and guide shoe guarantee excellent stability despite high loads.
The tool turret can hold 12 VDI40 tools each of which can be driven. The machine also has a carrier frame system in which customers can store up to 24 tools. The carrier frame moves the tools into the pick-up position.

Company Profile


Salzburg-based EMCO is one of Europe's leading machine tool manufacturers. Its two commitments "Made in the Heart of Europe" and "Design to Cost" are the main factors in the success of the international company, which represents excellent production quality and functional design. EMCO is part of A-TEC Industries AG and currently employs around 875 staff at a total of 5 production facilities in Austria, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Product Categories of Emco Group

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  • End Turning Machines
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Lathes, Cut-Off
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As seen in MMS

Vertical Turning Machines Equipped with Hollow Spindle Drives
Emco presents the VT 260 vertical turning machine featuring a FANUC 31i controller, rear chip ejection, driven tools, a Y axis and a hollow spindle drive.

Turn-Mill Center Supports Automation Integration
Emco Maier’s Hyperturn 45 turn-mill center is designed for applications in automotive and general engineering.

Emco Announces Master Distributor Agreements
The distributorships will provide services to companies in Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

April 2016 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Turning
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on machines for turning parts.

Self-Loading Vertical Turning Center Maintains Tight Tolerances
Emco Maier is expanding its successful line of compact, inverted vertical turning machines for production with the VT400, designed with integrated automation for complete machining of cast or forged chucked parts ranging to 400 mm (15.75") in diameter.

Emco Maier Appoints President
Gary Hulihan will report to the Emco Group’s CEO, Dr. Stefan Hansch.

A CNC Machine with Nine Controls
One obstacle to training the next generation of machine operators and engineers is exposing them to the variety of machine types and controls they are likely to encounter when they are hired. A community college in Illinois has the answer—training machines from Emco Maier with exchangeable control panels. Find out how students and their potential employers benefit.

How One College Successfully Meets the Need for Trained Manufacturing Hands
One obstacle to training the next generation of machine operators and engineers is exposing them to the variety of machine types and controls they are likely to encounter when they are hired. A community college in Illinois has the answer—training machines from Emco Maier with exchangeable control panels.

Turning Center Capable of Gear-Cutting, Milling and Drilling
EMCO Maier’s Hyperturn 65 Powermill offers a spindle clearance of 1,300 mm along with a counter spindle to enable four-axis machining and a B axis with direct drive for five-axis simultaneous milling operations.

Modular Robotic Package Integrates with Turning Centers
In partnership with UltraTech Machinery, Emco Maier is offering its Factory Automation Solution, a modular, robot-based loading and unloading package designed for use with the company’s turning machines.

April 2014 Product Spotlight: Turning
Click through this month’s product slideshow featuring lathes and turning centers.

Vertical Turning Centers Form Modular System
Emco Maier offers right- and left-hand versions of its VT 160 and VT 250 Duo vertical pick-up machines to enable complete machining solutions when they are paired with oval, meander or crossover-meander conveyor options.

Multitasking Machine Enables Five-Axis Simultaneous Milling
EMCO Maier’s Hyperturn 65 Powermill multitasking machine features a counter spindle for four-axis machining and a B axis with a direct drive for five-axis simultaneous milling operations.

Space-Efficient Automation for CNC Lathes
Loader moves entirely within the footprint of the machine.

New President at EMCO Maier
Phillip Hauser takes the reins at the U.S. arm of the Austrian machine tool builder.

EMCO Changes Hands, Relocates U.S. Office
The EMCO Maier Group is under new ownership, and the turning and milling machine supplier’s U.S. arm, EMCO Maier USA, has relocated from Columbus, Ohio to Novi, Michigan.   The Kuhn Group (Salzburg, Austria), a distributor of heavy equipment,  purchased the EMCO Maier Group (Hallein, Austria) from A-Tec (Vienna, Austria) in a bidding process that involved five other groups.   EMCO says the takeover news was well-received by its 630 employees, and the anticipation is that the new owner will strengthen and support the expansion of its headquarters and help it grow globally in markets including Brazil, Russian and China.   Guenther Kuhn, Kuhn Group CEO, says EMCO will help his company diversify into a promising market.

Turn-Mill Builder Takes a New Turn
EMCO Maier is asserting its position as a producer of advanced turn-mill machines and CNC precision lathes for both production houses and job shops.

The Other Face of EMCO Maier
Just classroom training machines? No way! Visiting machine tool builder EMCO Maier in Austria, its home country, showed MMS Editor Mark Albert that the company is an important producer of advanced turn-mill machines and CNC precision lathes for both production houses and job shops.

Multitasking Turn-Mill Center for Many Applications
The Hyperturn 45 high-production turn-mill is designed to accommodate barstock ranging to 45 mm in diameter for a range of applications.

Universal Turning Center for Complete Machining
Emco’s Hyperturn 45 universal turning center features two high-performance spindles, two tool turrets and a Y axis.