Training Lathe Enables Switching between Eight CNC Systems



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The Concept Turn 60 from Emco Maier is a high-performance, PC-controlled, two-axis CNC turning machine designed to be ideal for industrial training. The machine is part of Emco’s modular industrial training concept for preparing employees for specific production requirements and targeted training.

The machine base of the CT 60 has been engineered to enable training in modern industrial machining with an inclined-bed design and the use of modern profile rail guides for high rigidity. The positioning of the tool turret above the center of rotation is also based on industrial machines. The machine's operation with, for example, an enabling switch and operating mode selection switch, demonstrates its industry-oriented design. These features are based on the current turning machine standard ISO 23125.

Training can be provided on all common CNCs thanks to the interchangeable control concept, which enables quick conversion to a different control system. As many as eight different control systems can be installed and taught on one single machine. Easy2Control is a software option that offers control-specific keys for the WinNC controls on a 16:9 HD screen, including touch functionality. The various control panels for control and fast access can be switched via tabs. As an alternative, the machines can also be controlled directly without an external PC. Emco’s Win3D-View offers realistic 3D simulation of machining processes and machine periphery for training.

Emco also provides a virtual learning environment with learning maps, videos, interactive achievement tests, explanatory texts and images.

Typical Concept Turn 60 users are industrial training establishments which also manufacture goods, manufacturing companies with apprentices and trainees, factories, watchmakers, and jewelry manufacturers, as well as beginners with demanding requirements and motivated CNC technicians who would like further training.


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