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Increase your productivity with high precision products from Haimer. Find out why "Quality Wins" is our corporate philosophy.

New Generation Shrink Fit Machine
New Generation Shrink Fit Machine

New Generation shrink fit machines feature a patented "adjustable" inductive coil which adjusts in both length & diameter. The Haimer shrink fit machine is still the fastest shrink fit machine on the market - 5 seconds to heat, 30 seconds to cool. Capable of shrinking cutting tools & extensions with shank diameters from 3mm - 32mm, for both carbide and HSS. Available with an optional capacity for 50mm shanks, integrated height gage for easy tool presetting and multiple stations for simultaneous operations. Guaranteed runout accuracy of no more than 0.00012" when using Haimer shrink fit chucks.

Tool Holders & Accessories
Tool Holders & Accessories

Whether it's shrink fit chucks, ER collet chucks, facemill arbors or high precision collet chucks, let Haimer be your "one stop shop" for all of your CNC tool holder & accessory needs. All toolholders are prebalanced to G2.5 specifications and are available in all spindle tapers including BT30 and BT40 inch sizes. New Products include the "Power Chuck" anti-vibration shrink fit chuck and our "Mini-Shrink" chucks & extensions, designed specifically for Die & Mold applications.

Balancing Equipment
Balancing Equipment

Haimer balancing machines will help you balance tool holder assemblies, facemills and grinding wheels in 1 or 2 planes. Balanced assemblies will improve surface finish, create less vibration and may reduce your cycle time by allowing you to run faster. The balancing software allows you to correct the unbalance by drilling holes, milling flats, using balancing rings or balancing weights such as screws. Available with optional PC and printer interface for balance documentaion. Machine is available with integrated tool presetter, and will accomodate CAT, HSK, BT, SK and CAPTO spindle tapers.

Company Profile

Haimer is a medium-sized family business located in Igenhausen Germany. We develop and produce innovative ultra-precision tooling and machines, primarily in the field of machine tools. Our range comprises tool holders, balancing machines, 3D sensors, centering tools, and inductive shrink machines and accessories. A staff numbering approximately 100 is employed in our production plant with state of the art machinery, a high degree of automation and sound production methods. As a company certified to provide professional training, Haimer ensures its own skilled staff for the future by taking on most of the trainees who have completed their apprenticeship. Our own product development team works on practical innovations. Haimer was founded in 1977 as a one-man business. Until 1990, we functioned as a supplier of high-tech products, supplying, among others, the aviation and space industries, research institutes and the military technology sector, for example for projects for satellites and automobile airbag technology. Since 1990 Haimer has produced machining tools, and today the company is the market leader in Germany and is also internationally recognized in the field of ultra-precision tool holders and special machines designed for specific applications. We focus on precision and top quality at marketable prices. Our strength is a cost-effective series production: instead of costly special solutions, we offer a wide range of standard products with flexible applications. Innovative production technology means that we can offer unbea-table value for the money with which we, together with our customer, want to contiunue to strengthen our market position in the future, in accordance with our corporate philosopy: quality wins!

Product Categories of Haimer USA

  • Arbors (for Cutters)
  • Balancing Machines
  • Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
  • Chucks, Power
  • Chucks, Precision
  • Chucks, Special
  • Collets for Toolholding
  • Die and Mold Components
  • Drill Chucks
  • End Mills
  • Flatness Measuring Equipment
  • Key Seating Tools
  • Milling Cutters
  • Probes, Electromechanical
  • Retention Knobs
  • Taps
  • Tool Holders & Adapters
  • Tool Presetting Equipment
  • Toolchangers
  • Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

Trade Names

  • Balancing Machines
  • Centro
  • Cool Jet
  • Heavy Duty Chuck
  • HG Chuck
  • HSK Tool holders
  • Mini Shrink
  • Power Chuck
  • Power Clamp
  • Power Collet Chuck
  • Power Shrink
  • Power Shrink Mini
  • Safe Lock
  • Shrink Fit machines
  • Shrink Fit Tooling
  • Super Chuck
  • Tool Dynamic
  • Tool Dynamic Automatic
  • Tool Dynamic Preset
  • Zero Master

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HSK Toolholders HSK shrink chucks, collet chucks facemill arbors and high precision collet chucks from HSK32 to HSK100 in forms A,B,C,D,E and F

3 Axis Edge Finders Find your part edge in X,Y and Z. Calculations based on the ball diameter are not required.

Haimer "Showroom on Wheels" Want to learn more about our products? No Problem. Our demo van will come directly to your facility.

Product Announcements Provided By Haimer USA

Mini-Shrink Chucks - For Die & Mold Applications

Power Chuck - Anti-Vibration Shrink Fit Chuck

Power Clamp Mini - Introductory Shrink Fit System

Tool Dynamic Preset - Combination Tool Balancer / Presetter

As seen in MMS

Alternate Coolant Delivery Method Made a Difference
Haimer's Cool Flash toolholder delivers coolant through small slits to cover the entire tool circumference.

Haimer Hires National Sales Manager
Steven Baier brings some 12 years of regional sales management experience with Lyndex Nikken.

Tool Locking System Secures Cutters
Haimer’s Safe-Lock uses a pin locking system in the ID of a toolholder that engages with a groove on the OD of a cutting tool.

OSG, Haimer Sign Licensing Agreement
The partnership will enable OSG to offer its end mills with Haimer’s pull-out protection system.

End Mills, Other Technologies on Display
Haimer will showcase a variety of newer products, including Power Mill end mills featuring the company’s Safe-Lock system, which is designed to act as a “seatbelt” to protect against pull-out from the holder.

Collets Designed for Swiss-Type Machines
Haimer is showcasing its Power Collets and collet extensions designed for Swiss-type turning machines.

Solid Carbide End Mills Improve Chip Evacuation
Haimer’s Power Mill solid carbide end mills are made from fine-grain carbide and are equipped with the company’s Safe-Lock shank pull-out protection system.

Rigid Spindle Interface with Tool-Locking Technology
Kennametal and Haimer have developed the KM4X spindle interface with Safe-Lock toolholder technology.

Modular Interface for Cutting Tool Heads
Haimer and Kennametal introduce the new modular Duo-Lock interface for carbide cutting tool heads.

End Mills Feature Cutting Tool Safety System
Haimer’s Power Mill series end mills feature the Safe-Lock system, which it says is intended to be a “seatbelt” for cutting tools.

Presetting Becomes Prevalent
Next Intent implemented presetting and shrink-fit toolholding when it bought a five-axis machining center, but it has since seen these resources deliver value to machining centers throughout the shop.

Haimer to Provide Kennametal Spindle Connection
The spindle connection is designed to provide high clamping force.

Collet Chucks and Clamps Improve Precision
Haimer offers its Power collet chucks and clamp series.

Coolant System Extends Tool Life
Haimer will display its Cool Flash system, developed out of its existing Cool Jet system.

Turning Shrink-Fit on its Side
Haimer has developed a new oriented shrink-fit machine to speed and simplify cutter changes.

A Different Type of Shrink-Fit Machine for Micro Work
Horizontal orientation is a distinguishing design element of this compact new shrink-fit machine.

Cooling Jacket for Quick-Rotating Tools
High-speed machining often causes air turbulences that prevent the coolant from reaching the cutting tool, says cutting tool distributer Haimer.

Horizontal Shrink-Fit Machine for Micromachining Applications
Toolholders with HSK interfaces are said to be the best option for micromachining applications. This horizontal shrink-fit machine is designed to speed and simplify cutter changes using these toolholders.

Fully Committed to Zero Stock Machining
Milling critical mold surfaces to final size (or even a “tenth” undersize) literally leaves no margin for error. This takes absolute confidence in every aspect of the machining process, as well as absolute confidence that the results are worthwhile.

Shrink Chucks Feature Cooling Jacket
Haimer's toolholding system features Cool Flash technology designed to wrap coolant around the tool and protect it from air turbulence common to high-speed machining.