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Information on machining aircraft components and other aerospace-related parts.

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White Papers for Aerospace Machining

By: Lori Beckman
Two white papers from machine tool distributor and automation integrator Gosiger Inc. explain the capabilities required of CNC machine shops that wish to enter the aerospace market.

when to waterjet and when to mill

When to Waterjet, When to Mill

By: Derek Korn
A composite parts manufacturer in Nebraska recently installed a combined five-axis waterjet/milling machine to position itself to win large-scale aerospace work it sees on the horizon.

Setting the Stage for Sizeable Composites Work

By: Derek Korn
By adding a five-axis waterjet/milling machine, its biggest autoclave and a more expansive lay-up room, Royal Engineered Composites is positioning itself to win larger-scale aerospace work it sees on the horizon.

An Electrochemical Option for Blisks, Blades

By: Derek Korn
This machining platform offers the non-contact electrochemical/precision electrochemical processes for five-axis milling of turbine engine blades and blisks.

additive manufacturing video

Video: Additive Manufacturing in Extreme Application

By: Peter Zelinski
NASA’s test of a rocket engine fuel injector made through selective laser melting illustrates an additively produced part’s capacity to perform at high temperature and pressure.

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