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MMS February 2016 cover

How to Increase Machining Efficiency through Machine Monitoring

By: Peter Zelinski
A manufacturer that is distinctive for its attention to in-cycle machining productivity describes its efforts to obtain efficiency improvements outside of the machining cycle. The shop’s primary tool is a simple, daily, graphical recap that illustrates when each machine tool was and was not making parts.

Video: Accelerated Blisk Milling

By: Peter Zelinski
CAM and cutting tool companies develop a process for machining a titanium bladed disk in less than half the conventionally expected cycle time.

Chung Hsin Electric and Machinery machine

Taiwan’s Aircraft Ambition

By: Peter Zelinski
Various machine tool builders in Taiwan eye the aircraft industry. Some have formed an alliance that is now working with a research institute to tailor machines for more effective processing of aircraft workpieces.

Robotic Polishing of Turbine Engine Blades

By: Philip Varghese
Testing explores an airfoil finishing alternative to loose-abrasive polishing.

Expanite chamber

A Harder Surface for Stainless Steel

By: Russ Willcutt
When it comes to hardening finished parts, the more control you have over the process, the better the results will be.

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