ExOne Demonstrates 3D Printing with Metal Injection Molding Powder

The company is manufacturing samples on its Innovent+ 3D printer.


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ExOne is demonstrating its Innovent+ in the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion to showcase the capabilities of this 3D printer. Stop by Booth 432308 to see example parts and watch the printer manufacturing samples.

Like the company’s other binder-jetting 3D printers, ExOne’s Innovent+ builds parts by selectively depositing a liquid binding agent onto powdered material, similar to how an inkjet printer works. Parts are typically cured in an oven after printing to achieve their final part properties.

But unlike many other 3D printing technologies, the Innovent+ does not require specialized materials. Instead, it is designed to process standard metal injection molding (MIM) powders for cost savings and material flexibility. Available materials include stainless steel, iron, bronze, tungsten and Inconel 625. The printer is also compatible with ceramics.

Three different printheads are available to enable resolution ranging from 63 down to 31 microns, or 400 to 800 dpi. The Ultrasonic recoater promotes powder flowability and simplifies change-over. Powders as fine as 9 microns can be used, offering improved feature resolution and surface finish.