Setting the Standards: Automation via standardization is just one way this year's Top Shops honorees stand out.
September 2020 | Digital Edition

Benchmarking Becomes a Call to Action

A means of measuring performance evolves into a tool for catalyzing change as Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops program matures.


An Introduction to Modern Machine Shop's Top Shops Program

Presented by Gardner Intelligence, an annual benchmarking program helps CNC machining businesses specifically evaluate and improve performance.

Bold, Insightful Leadership Defines Manufacturer’s “DNA”

At its core, this highly successful contract manufacturer is a tool and die shop. Its founder, who has the heart and soul (and mind) of a tool maker, imbued his company with the values and the versatility of a tool room. This is his lasting legacy.

Machine Shop Scale-Up Mirrors Past Success

An aerospace manufacturer doubles down on a subset of work and a knack for turning shopfloor problem solving into marketable new products.

Machining Centers

Standardization Leans the Way to High-Mix Automation

An increasingly digitalized, lean manufacturing process begins with a common selection of cutting tools and five-axis machining fixtures.  

Top-Tier Culture Keeps Top Shop Staffed

Interpersonal harmony, personal accountability, peace of mind, and an inner drive to improve help this shop compete in a tight market for CNC machining talent.

When Machining Lights Out Leaves Nothing Out

A Top Shops honors program winner strives to ensure every part crosses paths with a robot, cobot or pallet changer.