Modern Machine Shop Editorial Submission Guidelines

Modern Machine Shop is primarily devoted to the application of machining technology: the manufacture of discrete parts produced on machine tools. We concentrate on presenting machining equipment, processes and strategies that can help job shops, contract shops and captive operations become more effective and efficient.


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Feature Articles 

Each issue of MMS magazine emphasizes one or two key topics in machining technology or shopfloor operations. Additional feature articles may address other topics of broad or pressing interest, which can include significant product developments that reveal major technology trends, news about advances in product design or application, and breakthroughs in technology that impact user applications. Most feature articles are written by staff editors or expressly solicited from industry experts. Original, unpublished material offered to MMS on an exclusive basis will be considered.

Before writing or developing an article, it’s best to contact MMS about six months before the issue in which you would like it to appear.

Product Information Sections

These should include information about new and useful products from suppliers in the metalworking and manufacturing fields. Submissions for these sections should:

  • Be brief. Word count: 300 words or less.
  • Provide a contact name and company address, phone number and website.
  • Highlight specific features and benefits of a single product.
  • Present the most important features first.
  • Include high-resolution images when possible. Acceptable photos should be at least 2,400 × 3,300 pixels.
    This is equal to an 8-megapixel camera image. Files should be saved in .jpg or .tif format.

Systems & Software

This section is reserved for computer-related products that apply to machining and manufacturing.
These include:

  • Software for NC programming
  • Shop control systems
  • Manufacturing engineering software
  • Electronic data processing
  • Networks and data communications
  • Computer numerical controls (CNCs)

Tooling and Workholding

This section is reserved for cutting tools and workholding-related products. These include:

  • Toolholders
  • Inserts
  • Chucks
  • Fixturing
  • Clamps

Modern Equipment Review

This section covers all other product categories, including:

  • Metalcutting machine tools
  • Turning equipment
  • EDM equipment
  • Grinding/abrasive machining equipment
  • Machine tool components and accessories
  • Inspection, measuring and testing equipment
  • Forming and fabricating equipment

Trade Shows.

Special sections throughout the year are devoted to coverage of products on display at IMTS, Westec, Eastec, PMTS, Amerimold, EMO and Fabtech. Product releases should focus on just one product to be displayed (rather than a “round up” of multiple products). Please include an image, if available, as well as booth information. Materials should be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the show issue.

Better Production features case histories of how shops or plants have used a specific product or commercial service to solve a problem, break a bottleneck, improve quality, increase productivity or create an opportunity. These articles focus on a particular product and show how that product made a difference in shopfloor operations at a particular customer site.

Word count: 800 to 1,200. Please include four to six high-resolution photos showing the production action at the user’s shop. We ask that all submissions are exclusive to MMS. Stories will be edited for content, length and style. Once submitted, stories will not be sent for final approval before publication.

Shop Talk addresses current events in the metalworking industry that are of interest to our readers. Newsworthy information includes company mergers, relocations, expansions and acquisitions; market research and trends; unique activities, projects or events; website upgrades, app releases, blogs, podcasts and other relevant media information. News releases should be fewer than 300 words and include contact information for the relevant company or organization.


Modern Machine Shop will edit any editorial submissions for content and to conform to our style guide. Contributed feature articles must be exclusive to MMS magazine and must not have been published previously in another publication. Authors may be asked to sign a copyright release or to assign in writing one-time rights to MMS magazine.


Feature articles, news and product releases should be submitted as Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) documents. Tables, graphs, photographs and other illustrations must be separate files, rather than incorporated or embedded within the text document.



Images should be in .jpg or .tif file formats with a minimum size of 2,400 × 3,300 pixels. This is equal to an 8-megapixel camera image. All photographic materials must be clear, sharp, in-focus and properly exposed. Captions should be provided for each photograph, and each photograph should be identified.


Files larger than 20 MB can be uploaded via files.gardnerweb.com/mmse.


Editorial deadlines are three months in advance of the issue date. Contact our editors about six months in advance with story ideas.


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