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With an emphasis on applications stories and case histories, Modern Machine Shop provides insight into real world applications of metalworking technology. Helping the reader to discover, not only what the technology can do, but how it can change their business, how it can help them serve their customers better and how they can be more profitable as a business enterprise. The parent company Gardner Business Media was established with the launch of Modern Machine Shop magazine in June of 1928. To this day, the Modern Machine Shop brand is recognized around the world as the premier resource for metalworking product and process technology.

Mark Albert
Editor Emeritus, Modern Machine Shop

Mark Albert is editor emeritus of Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Mark has written about metalworking for more than 35 years. Currently, his favorite topics are data-driven manufacturing and global competitiveness. Mark’s editorial activities have taken him to numerous countries in Europe and Asia as well as across the United States many times. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio) and Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana).

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Peter Zelinski
Editor-in-Chief, Modern Machine Shop

Peter Zelinski has been a writer and editor for Modern Machine Shop for two decades. One of the aspects of this work that he enjoys the most is visiting machining facilities to learn about the manufacturing technology, systems and strategies they have adopted, and the successes they’ve realized as a result. Pete earned his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and he first learned about machining by running and programming machine tools in a metalworking laboratory within GE Aircraft Engines (now GE Aviation). Pete is also the editor-in-chief of Additive Manufacturing magazine.

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Derek Korn
Executive Editor, Modern Machine Shop

Derek Korn joined Modern Machine Shop in 2004, but he has been writing about manufacturing since 1997. His mechanical engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Applied Science provides a solid foundation for understanding and explaining how innovative shops leverage advanced machining technologies, equipment and processes to their advantage. Derek also manages the magazine's annual Top Shops benchmarking survey, which enables U.S. machine shops to see how their technology- and business-related key performance indicators stack up against the country's leading machining businesses.

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Matt Danford
Senior Editor, Modern Machine Shop

Matt joined the MMS team in 2006 after graduating from Ohio University (Bobcats, not Buckeyes!) with a B.S. degree in Journalism. Since then, MMS's associate editor has been traveling the country (and the world) to see manufacturing technology in action and to learn as much as possible from those who design and use it. With experience ranging from managing case study and industry news sections to feature writing and editing to event coverage, photography and engaging on social media, Matt is eager for any opportunity to spread wisdom that can help North American manufacturers succeed.

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Brent Donaldson
Senior Editor, Modern Machine Shop

Brent joined Gardner Business Media in the summer of 2017 as senior editor for Additive Manufacturing Magazine. He now splits his time between Additive and Modern Machine Shop—a dual role that presents a distinct opportunity to report on developments across today’s advanced manufacturing landscape. Before joining Gardner, Brent was editor-in-chief of a university magazine, and previously served as associate editor for Cincinnati Magazine. (Fun fact: Brent was the last journalist ever to interview Evel Knievel.) Today, Brent is interested in story pitches and leads relating to machining, advanced manufacturing, and all-things-AM and industrial 3D printing.

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Emily Probst
Managing Editor

Emily Probst is the managing editor for Modern Machine Shop. She joined the staff in the summer of 2006 as the editorial intern editing product releases for the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). Hired full-time in 2007 after graduating with a B.S.J. from Ohio University, she edited product releases and columns until 2012, when she moved to writing and editing case studies for both print and online media channels. In 2016, she became Modern's managing editor as well as the digital media manager for Gardner Business Media. In these roles, she has been fortunate enough to travel the world as well as visit some interesting shops and trade shows in the United States. She manages Modern’s blog as well as its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

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Stephanie Hendrixson
Contributing Editor, Modern Machine Shop

Stephanie (Monsanty) Hendrixson served as a Modern Machine Shop summer intern in 2012 and joined the team as an assistant editor later that fall. Today Stephanie is senior editor for Additive Manufacturing, a sister publication to Modern Machine Shop, where she writes about 3D printing technology and applications for an industrial audience, and also coordinates digital media including video, immersive storytelling and content marketing efforts. She was recognized as an Influential Woman in Manufacturing in 2019 by Temboo. Stephanie holds an M.A. in professional writing from the University of Cincinnati and a B.A. in English literature and history from the University of Mount Union. Stephanie is an avid runner, food enthusiast and sourdough baker. She lives in Ohio with her husband Paul and rescue cat Artemis.

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Jedd Cole
Associate Editor

Jedd Cole joined Modern Machine Shop as Assistant Editor after graduating with a B.A. in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Cincinnati in 2015, and after working as an intern with the magazine in 2014. He writes for Techspex.com and also assists with the editing of Modern Machine Shop's sister publications, Modern Machine Shop México and Plastics Technology México.

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Barbara Schulz
European Correspondent

Based in Germany, Barbara Schulz is the European Correspondent for various Gardner Business Media metalworking group brands, including Modern Machine Shop, Additive Manufacturing, Production Machining and Moldmaking Technology. After completing her studies in linguistics and mechanical engineering in 2005, Barbara started covering the manufacturing industry as an editor with a leading German industrial magazine. Two years later, she became editor-in-chief of an Australian manufacturing magazine, which was published by a national manufacturing association. This association enabled her to network with Australia's top players in metal manufacturing as well as small- to medium-size manufacturing businesses. She returned to Germany in 2013 as editor-in-chief of a prominent European moldmaking magazine. Joining Gardner in 2017, her role is to present perspective relative to European machining trends, technology and tactics to our readers.

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Eli Plaskett
Assistant Editor

Eli Plaskett joined the Modern Machine Shop team in the fall of 2017. He graduated from Ohio University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English. After college, he wrote freelance and travelled as a stand-up comedian for four years before moving to Cincinnati, Ohio. He is currently an Assistant Editor at Modern Machine Shop, writing blog posts and feature-length stories in addition to editing press releases for both Modern Machine Shop and its sister publication, Additive Manufacturing.

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