5 Things New CNC Operators Must Know

These subjects are the building blocks of training newcomers on a specific CNC machine tool.

Cutting Tool Shanks Improve Grip, Reduce Slippage

End Mills with gripping surfaces along the shank can prevent tool slippage and improve rigidity for aggressive roughing passes in aluminum machining.

Machining Centers / VMCs

Fabricator's Toolroom Becomes Captive CNC Machine Shop

Toolroom problem-solving yields high-production profit when a sheet metal fabricating business accepts a difficult machining contract.

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Mazak Launches Manufacturing Podcast

Episodes have brought on guests from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, FANUC and AMT. 


SigmaTek Systems Appoints VP of North American Sales

Kevin Ramirez has more than 20 years working in the fabrication industry as a CNC operator, support engineer and salespersonv. 


Multi-Sensor Machine Measures Microscopic Part Features

Mitutoyo America’s MiScan, a multi-sensor microscopic-form measurement system, combines coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and optical measurem...


Carr Lane's Hoist Eye 360 Rotates Fully When Pulling at Any Angle

Carr Lane’s Hoist Eye 360 is a forged lifting eye that can be rotated 360 degrees after installation in order to align with the pulling directi...

Modern Machine Shop
December 2019 Issue

Mastering Maintenance

Free Webinar Looks at Automotive Manufacturing in 2020

Modern Machine Shop columnist Michael Guckes explains what’s next for automakers, manufacturers.

Siemens Answers with the Most Innovative CNC Solutions for Machine Tool Technology

Aerospace / ERP

Tackling the Aerospace Supplier’s Dilemma: Scalability

Automation and robotics can go a long way toward increasing capacity and growing a business dedicated to aerospace manufacturing. But Trinity Precision has learned that refining the indirect and unseen aspects of its operations can be just as valuable.

Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

What’s Telling About This Year’s Top Shops

Here, the 2019 Honors Program winners explain strategies they’ve used to help them become successful U.S. machining businesses. Plus, you can learn more about them by attending next month’s Top Shops Conference.

Increasing Employee Output Through Automation: Here is What We Found in 7 Recent Shop Visits

Modern Machine Shop editors routinely visit machining facilities to report on shops that are succeeding. Here is what our editors found on seven recent shop visits, all related to using labor more efficiently.