Machining a Complex Part in a One-Man Shop

Julia Hider

Feature recognition and efficient workholding let this shop cost-effectively produce an intricate part that was bigger than the machine tool's travels.


Big Kaiser's Speroni SPI Streamlines Data Transfer

Big Kaiser’s Speroni SPI for tool presetting speeds up tool measurement input while reducing opportunities for user error.


How to Slash 5-Axis Finishing Time

Finally there is an alternative to ballnose endmills for finishing 3D parts. The combination of finishing tools shaped to provide more cutting surface and a CAM system with the ability to apply them on a five-axis machining center can dramatically reduce finishing cycle times while delivering better surface finishes.

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Top Shops

The Gardner Business Intelligence and Modern Machine Shop Top Shops Program is both an honor for the shops chosen annually, and a benchmarking tool for all who participate. See how your business stacks up.

Digital Manufacturing

From machine monitoring and machine tool dynamics to out-of-the-box digital tools, discover the digital manufacturing technologies becoming a requirement for competing in the marketplace as well as simplifying and improving businesses.

Trends in Automotive

What's Next for the Automotive Industry? The Editors of AutoBeat explore the industry's transition to one where automotive manufacturing is safer, simpler, more regulated … and possibly reshored.

Additive Manufacturing for Production

3D printing may have started out as a rapid prototyping technique, but the machines and materials have matured to the point that production is not only viable, but desirable. Learn the basics of additive manufacturing for production applications.


Yaskawa SCARA Robots Provide Compact Small-Part Processing

Yaskawa’s SG400 and SG650 SCARA robots integrate easily into existing automation and provide modularity for rapid redeployment.

Additive Manufacturing

ModuleWorks Update Optimizes Multiple Processes

ModuleWorks’ 2020.08 CAD/CAM software update includes a variety of new and enhanced features across all of ModuleWorks’ machining software lineup.


Exact Metrology's Hexagon RS6 Measures Challenging Surfaces

Exact Metrology’s Hexagon RS6 laser scanners are designed to provide efficient full scanning performance across traditionally challenging surfaces.


Mastercam, Haas Partner with American Precision Museum

Mastercam applications engineers designed and machined a scaled-down version of the waterwheel originally used to power the factory that now houses the American Precision Museum. 


Online Conference Provides Hands-On Experience With Machines

Mazak’s All-Axes Live teleconference provides shop owners with the opportunity to have as close to a hands-on experience as social distancing will allow.


Kennametal Introduces Flat Bottom Geometry for KenTIP FS

The newest addition to Kennametal’s modular drill tip series, the KenTip FS FEG insert is designed to eliminate the need for drilling and end milling flat-bottom holes, instead completing the part in a single operation.


Röhm Duro-A Power Chuck Handles Heavier Parts

Röhm’s Duro A power chuck maintains a constant clamping force for more than 500,000 cycles, ensuring reliable component clamping.

Parts Cleaning Conference Webinar Series Begins Oct. 7

The 2020 Parts Cleaning Conference educates the industry with a webinar series, offering five presentations from leading manufacturing cleaning companies. Find out how to register.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Verisurf 2020 Improves Reverse Engineering Workflows

With Verisurf 2020, users can manage CMMs, collect data from 3D scans, perform 3D CAD and Class-A surface modeling, and verify finished parts, according to the company.  


Jergens Pyramid Risers Provide New Angle for CNC Machining

Jergens’ pyramid risers feature a 30-degree mounting surface to ensure clearance for spindle and cutting tool paths, enabling more machining per setup.


CNC Machining and Manufacturing Students Find CAM Software Intuitive

A Lincoln College of Technology machining instructor details the most useful features of Mastercam — his school’s software of choice.

Additive Manufacturing

Learn How Additive Manufacturing Will Change Production at AM In-Depth

3D printing will change how parts and products are manufactured. Get a front-row seat at this free educational series running through IMTS Spark.


Taking an Automated Aerospace Approach

A flexible manufacturing system helps an Indiana job shop run a high mix of aerospace work for long stretches of time and function more like a contract shop.

Dillon Carbinite Coating Improves Jaw Gripping Strength

Dillon’s Carbinite is a wear-resistant, textured carbide coating that’s designed to improve grip on workpieces. 


Studer Laser System Efficiently Measures Small Batches

Studer’s laser measuring control system can generate thousands of measuring points for evaluation, even with the workpiece rotating, reducing measuring time.


Eliminating Human Error with a Closed-Loop Boring Bar System

Rigibore’s ActiveEdge boring bars and Zenith system automatically adjust based on in-process measurement data, reducing scrap and aiding in lights out machining.

Additive Manufacturing

Getting Ready for Additive Manufacturing

Readiness needs to be assessed on multiple fronts as companies seek to industrialize additive manufacturing.

CNC & Machine Controls

Omron Soft NA HMI Improves Usability

Omron Automation Americas has launched a software version of its NA5 human-machine interface that will run on the company’s IPC series to give end users more control over their machines.