Portal Milling Machine Provides Years of Smooth Operation

Neuman & Esser uses their eight-year-old Droop+Rein from Starrag as a “workhorse” for complete machining.


Quick-Change Tooling Improves Swiss Lathe Profits

Horn USA has developed quick-change tooling systems to drastically reduce set-up and toolchange times for Swiss-type lathes, including those with through coolant.

Die/Mold / COVID-19

Video: The Importance of Reshoring Mold and Die Manufacturing

The die and mold tooling sector controls a manufacturing market more than 10 times larger than the market this tooling is used in. Experts discuss why the price savings of offshoring tooling misses the total cost of sending tooling work away.

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Doosan Forms Partnership with Titans of CNC

Doosan Machine Tools will become Titans of CNC’s exclusive machine tool builder partner.


GMN USA Appoints New President

Transferring from GMN Nuremburg, Konstantin Posehn became vice president of GMN USA earlier this year.


HMI Includes Postprocessor To Speed Program Preparation

The NUMcut human-machine interface (HMI) software package from NUM Corp. features a fully integrated CAM/postprocessor module to simplify and ac...


Data Collection, Monitoring Platform Available in Modular Plans

Freedom IOT’s Smart Manufacturing Platform, consisting of multiple modules, is designed to connect industrial assets of any brand, age or proce...

Siemens Answers with the Most Innovative CNC Solutions for Machine Tool Technology

Modern Machine Shop
July Issue

The Vital Role of Die Making

All Metalworking Metrics Continue Trend of Slowing Decline

The metalworking industry index signals decelerating contraction for a second consecutive month. 

High Speed Machining / Automotive

Hard Milling Replaces Hand Grinding in Finishing Die Components

A focus on repeatability, geometric capabilities and speed led this manufacturer of fine-blanking machines and components to embrace hard milling as its go-to finishing process, eliminating hand grinding.

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Video: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Manufacturing and Machining

The machine tool monitoring that many CNC machining facilities are doing today could be a first step toward their use of machine learning. In this conversation, MMS’s “Data Matters” columnist Matt Danford speculates on the coming role of AI for refining machining processes.