Zeiss and the Art of Being Sure

With an expanding line of CT scanners, CMMs, sensors and software, Zeiss is showcasing its ability to quantify consistency, accuracy, and reliability.

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At a time when industrial 3D-printed metal parts are being produced through a growing variety of methods and materials, the importance of metrology and inspection of internal features has never been greater. Even in traditionally manufactured parts, it’s often too late in the production process to save a part—and the machining hours it took to produce it—once an internal flaw is detected.

In other words, for any company that relies on consistently accurate and reliable parts, the proof lies in the inspection report.

This is why Zeiss has selected a theme of “being sure” for its booth this year—a phrase that the company is using to showcase its line of CT scanners, CMMs and software. At Booth 135502, visitors can see a wide range of Zeiss CMMs, sensors and automated solutions, including new Zeiss Calypso 2018 software features, as well as its PiWeb software tools for industries that require the evaluation of large data volumes. The company is inviting attendees to bring their inspection challenges to the Zeiss Solutions Center and enter into a contest for a surprise giveaway. For those who prefer a small-group demonstration, attendees can reserve a spot online at zeiss.com/metrology.

Having recently acquired a majority stake in Italian X-ray provider Bosello HT, Zeiss is also featuring its line of 2D and 3D X-ray systems at the Bosello booth in the East Building (Booth 135655).

On Wednesday, September 12, from 11:00 a.m. to noon (West Building, Room 192-A), Dr. Marcin B. Bauza, head of additive manufacturing process and control, will highlight metrology and microscopy solutions for increasing the number of in-spec parts and revenue. This conference session is meant to provide an in-depth understanding of upstream and downstream 3D printing processes and enable companies to closely monitor them. Throughout IMTS, the company is inviting attendees to bring their inspection challenges to the Zeiss Solutions Center and enter into a Zeiss contest for a surprise giveaway.

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