Portable Metrology 101: Making Smart Manufacturing Intelligence Investments

September 14

The portable measuring arm, or portable arm CMM (PCMM) offers tremendous flexibility for advanced manufacturers, delivering real-time feedback right at the point of production. How can you get the insight you need to make a smart portable measuring arm selection when the capabilities list is overwhelming? Get valuable insights and learn about key differentiators from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s seasoned expert, including:

• Arm accuracy

• Laser Scanning

• Encoders

• Convenience and ergonomics

• Arm weight

• Probe changing

• Accessories

In addition, Hexagon will provide a feature checklist and explain the various conventions of the portable measuring arm so that you can make an informed PCMM selection.


Primary Topics:

• How PCMMs deliver powerful real-time feedback at the point of production

• How portable arms can be used by anyone, anywhere and with minimum training

• How portable measuring arms enable can be used for quality control, inspection, on-machine verification, reverse engineering, virtual assembly or 3D modelling tasks

Presenter: Zvonimir Kotnik 
Zvonimir Kotnik is Business Unit Manager, Portable Products, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, North America. A seasoned executive in the advanced industrial market, Mr. Kotnik has 20+ years of experience in data-driven manufacturing arena. In his current role, he is responsible for managing Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's Arms, Tracker and WLS Product lines. This complex role spans financial performance, profit growth, supply chain management, business and engineering management, and shared services management responsibilities.

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