CNC Indexing & Feeding Partners with Röhm Products

CNC Indexing & Feeding has signed an agreement to act as Röhm Products of America’s manufacturing representative in five states, thus expanding its library of workholding and toolholding solutions.


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A photo of Matthew Mayer, President of Röhm Products, and Erik Bergman, President of CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies, shaking hands

Machine tool accessories importer and distributor CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies has established a partnership with rotating and stationary workholding provider Röhm Products of America. CNC Indexing will be Röhm’s manufacturing representative in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York State.

As a result, CNC Indexing will be able to offer Röhm workholding products including drill chucks, centers, face drivers, manual and power chucks, collet chucks and mandrels, vises, tool clamping systems, stationary fixtures and customized workholding solutions.

“The addition of Röhm workholding products will enable our customers in the Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York State markets to significantly increase their productivity and profitability,” says CNC Indexing president Erik Bergman.


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