Exact Metrology Presents Advanced Products at Open Houses

Exact Metrology and partner PolyWorks presented their latest 3D and CT scanning equipment at two open house events.


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Exact Metrology recently held dual open houses at its Brookfield, Wisconsin, location and its Cincinnati, Ohio, location along with partner company PolyWorks, a provider of universal 3D metrology software. Both companies showcased their newest products in software and hardware for 3D and CT scanning equipment. Attendees came from several Midwestern states and a range of business sectors

Hosted by co-presidents Dean Solberg (Brookfield) and Steve Young, (Cincinnati), the events included product demonstrations featuring the company’s 3D and CT scanning equipment, including the Romer SEI, Leica 402, SEI and Design X, CT, Leica P40, Surphaser, SEI and PC-DMIS, Revit Church Model, Atos/Breuckmann, Leica AT960 with the XL scanner and the Artec Ray.

Parts brought by attendees were scanned on-site, then 3D printed. Breakout sessions on 3D printing were presented by Jay Murray of Envisiontec, and metrology hardware and software by Kurt Lammers of PolyWorks. 

The company displayed its line of portable scanning and measurement technologies as well as contract measurement for 3D laser scanning services, reverse engineering services, non-contact inspection, metrology services and 3D digitizing, including its latest GE CT scanner.

Find a video demonstration of the open house events on the company’s YouTube channel.

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