Vimana Software Now Distributed in Italy

Vimana has partnered with Celada to offer machining technology with Industry 4.0 software in Italy.


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Vimana and Italian machine distributor Celada have entered into a partnership that enables Celada to resell Vimana’s advanced manufacturing analytics software, providing its customers a turnkey Industry 4.0 solution. Vimana’s products offer data-driven insights that provide manufacturers with the opportunity to optimize machine capacity, improve machine reliability, increase workforce productivity and improve manufacturing processes. Combining these insights with the machining technology of Celada facilitates the improvement of the productivity and performance of manufacturing assets.

Vimana’s software offers a simple user-interface design, and its analytics platform is easy to install from anywhere in the world. The software is designed to enable users to gain a better understanding of their operations and quickly see value in using it. Most Italian manufacturers run paper-based systems, Vimana says, but Celada has embraced smart manufacturing practices.

“We had already benefited from using the MTConnect standard over all the brands of machine tools we are distributing,” says Celada Product Manager Paolo Capelli . “Vimana transforms the data collected and provides an accurate understanding of machine tool performance, powering visualizations of factory floor assets. Our customers can use data to gain insights to improve overall equipment effectiveness, more effectively schedule planned downtime, improve quality and optimize machine maintenance.”

“We are excited to be working with Celada,” says Vimana President and CEO Rick Moran . “Together we can bring value to manufactures and ignite their Industry 4.0 initiatives.”

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