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7/3/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Software Suite Improves Rendering, Simulation

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IMTS 2018: Camplete’s TruePath 2019 is a suite of tools that facilitates programming five-axis machines.

Camplete’s TruePath 2019 is an integrated suite of tools that facilitates programming five-axis machines. A customizable postprocessor outputs NC programs. Five-axis simulation, visualization and verification tools provide information about how a machine will preform before a job begins.

The 2019 version of the suite introduces time-saving features including automated workpiece datum probing, 3D rendering updates, simulation improvements and enhanced program management. 

Automated workpiece datum probing enables the creation of probing routines to find data using defined stock part features. A customizable postprocessing engine provides detailed control over the probing G-code.

3D View features improved metal shading, reflection modeling, lighting modeling and edge drawing for more realistic rendering. Other updates include 3D Space Mouse support that works with the driver control panel user interface, an improved highlighting mode to more clearly show selected objects and Hardware Driver Support for more video cards. Interactive machine jogging is also available.

Collision Mode Pausing and Interpolation View enables users to carefully examine programmed motion. 3D Sectioning options enable users to “slice” through parts, fixtures and machine components to view all points of interest. Improved 3D collision visualization highlights 3D geometry interference.

Reload Operations enables users to restart the source CAM files without losing edits to other operations. The G-Code Comparison Tool automatically compares edited G-code to the original project. Simple changes can be imported back into the project to reflect on-machine tweaks.


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