Insert Drill's Redesign Improves Chip Control

IMTS 2018: Seco Tools will spotlight its redesigned Perfomax indexable insert drill.


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Seco Tools LLC will spotlight its redesigned Perfomax indexable insert drill. Designed for more aggressive drilling parameters as well as improved chip control and evacuation, the drill’s flutes have updated helix angles and smoother chip flute exits. An engineered wave pattern reduces contact between chips and flute surfaces. The fronts of the Perfomax’s flutes have been hardened with a laser to prolong tool life. A hardness of HRC 60 enables the drill to withstand chip erosion for longer periods of time.

Perfomax drill bodies are available in diameters ranging from 0.594" to 2.375" (15 to 59 mm); in length-to-diameter ratios of 2×D, 3×D, 4×D and 5×D; and in most spindle interfaces.