Measurement Software Updates User Interface

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched PC-DMIS 2018 R2, which among other things introduces a new reporting workflow making it easier to create customized reports.


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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched PC-DMIS 2018 R2, which among other things introduces a new reporting workflow said to ease the creation of customized reports with drag-and-drop functionality and a slideshow-style interface. A new QuickPath tool expands on existing QuickFeature functionality to simplify feature creation with a safe path. The software also introduces the ability to add run charts from qs-STAT into the PC-DMIS report. Improved Probe Utility enables users to mark favorite tip configurations, create required tip angles, and buy replacements with Shopping Cart tools. Improvements in the use of lasers, specifically for path creation and offline programming, are also featured in the new release.

According to the company, PC-DMIS 2018 R2 promotes productivity in the three major metrology tasks: creation, execution and collaboration. Creating measurement routines is said to be simpler and more intuitive with the addition of  QuickPath for adding motion in “walk up and measure” applications and the offline path visualization and simulation for laser probes. Execution is also said to be streamlined with improvements to the Inspect module, making it easier to control access to routines and for operators to search and find routines and reports.

User experience features a smaller XactMeasure dialog window that consumes less space in the Graphics Display Window, improved FCF editor design with new icons for defining or adding datums, and a second single segment or composite FCF. Slideshow, the real-time dimensional reporting tool, is now free to use under a PC-DMIS Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). Inspect 3.2 now gives more control over which routines are accessible, provides improved search filters for routines and reports, and displays the last execution time and duration for each routine.


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