NUMcut HMI Includes Postprocessor To Speed Program Preparation


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The NUMcut human-machine interface (HMI) software package from NUM Corp. features a fully integrated CAM/postprocessor module to simplify and accelerate the creation of part programs for CNC machines.

NUMcut’s machine-resident CAM/postprocessor module is intended to reduce the time it normally takes to prepare part programs. With this system, the only data that needs to be transferred to the machine prior to commencing cutting operations concerns the geometry of the part and the desired quality of each cut, which can be derived from any CAD/CAM software. All other necessary data, such as cutting speeds, abrasive quantity as a function of the material to be cut, etc., are calculated by the control system itself, the company says. The postprocessor module uses a technology database containing all the relevant information needed by the control system in order to automatically generate an executable part program. The values in the database are preloaded by the machine manufacturer and can be modified or added to by users if necessary (for example, to accommodate new materials).

The NUMcut HMI displays all files that are available to the machine operator in a clear, unambiguous style. Using the CNC’s touch screen, the operator can determine each successive machine action by clicking and dragging icons from the pool of files into a job list. Both the job that is currently being processed by the machine and the current position of the cutting tool within the job are marked graphically. If required, the operator can change the job list while it is being processed to accommodate different production needs, such as express deliveries.

The HMI also includes two real-time analytical functions for waterjet cutting applications designed to improve cutting accuracy and quality. These features also use the machine database.