Smartphone App Enables Machining Calculations


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CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is a smartphone application for machinists and manufacturing engineers. Its milling section includes basic functions as well as calculation for internal and external thread milling, metal removal rates, cut times, and internal and external circle milling. A feed-per-tooth slider within the cutting speed calculator speeds ipt-to-ipm conversion. 

The interface facilitates calculations for milling, turning, drilling, tapping, gundrilling and threading. The application also includes a triangle solver, arc calculator, macro information, thread tolerance data, hardness conversions, bolt circle calculator, tap drill calculator, cutting speed data, and M code and G code. 

In addition to containing multiple calculators, CNC Machinist Calculator Pro contains a machining trivia section; tool wear information for turn tools, end mills and drills; NPT thread dimensional data; counterbore hole data; and material properties and machinability information for 250 materials.

This application is available on iTunes and the Google Play store in both English and Spanish.