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JetMachining Centers

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Whether your focus is rapid prototype development or full-scale parts production, we offer the industry's most advanced and versatile selection of abrasive waterjet systems through our OMAX® and MAXIEM® product lines. More importantly, when you purchase one of our JetMachining® Centers, you can efficiently cut most any material and thickness with unmatched speed and accuracy.


Our Intelli-MAX® Software Suite leads the waterjet industry in advanced motion control software. Through proprietary technology, the software makes it easy for almost anyone to create precision parts faster and at a lower cost by automatically optimizing tool paths. Continuous software updates meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers across all manufacuting industry segments.


Our JetMachining Centers are the most efficient on the market thanks to our unique direct drive pump technology. Available in a variety of horsepower options, our pumps provide double the operating life of other designs, as well as provide faster part processing, lower operating costs and easier maintenance. In fact, direct drive pumps deliver more horsepower to the cutting nozzle, where it matters most, while using less electricity than intensifier designs. 


Not only do we produce the world’s most advanced abrasive waterjet technology, our commitment to training, applications development and spare part services helps our customers maximize their waterjet machine investment, improve their manufacturing processes and grow their businesses. Plus, with a presence in more than 70 nations, our global support network of distributor partners and country-specific OMAX and MAXIEM technical support teams put our unrivaled service and support in close proximity to every customer.

Company Profile



Headquartered in Kent, Washington, OMAX Corporation is a global leader in the design and manufacture or advanced abrasive waterjet equipment. We are the only fully integrated abrasive waterjet company to design and produce its own pumps, high-pressure plumbing, machine controllers, software, tables and accessories. And, through our OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining Centers and strong global support network, we have everything you need to operate a highly productive and profitable parts manufacturing businesss. 


Inside our plant, we efficiently execute the complete design, manufacture, assembly and testing of our waterjet solutions. We are able to maximize our efforts and consistently provide our customers with high-quality products via lean processes, just-in-time production, advanced technology, including our own, and much more.


With the largest in-house waterjet systems research and development team in the world, we continuously advance our technology to meet the diverse and changing needs of the manufacturing industry. Our significant investment in research and development ensures that emerging technologies and concepts make their way into our new and existing products.


Our world-class engineering design and lean manufacturing processes make it possible for us to cost-effectively produce all of our machines and complementary accessories in the United States. 

Product Categories of Omax Corporation

  • Aluminum
  • Brass & Copper Alloys
  • Carbon, Alloy & Free Machining Steels
  • Cast Irons
  • Chillers
  • Gear Cutting Tools
  • Indexers & Rotary Tables
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Other Ferrous Metals
  • Other Non-Ferrous Materials
  • Rapid Tooling Equipment
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, Machinability Databases
  • Software, Nesting
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Stainless Steels
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Tool Steels
  • Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet
  • Waterjet Cutting Machines

Trade Names

  • A-Jet® Cutting Head
  • EnduroMAX® Direct Drive Pumps
  • Intelli-CAM®
  • Intelli-ETCH®
  • Intelli-MAX®
  • Intelli-TRACE®
  • Intelli-TRAX®
  • Intelli-VISOR®
  • MAXIEM® JetMachining® Centers
  • MAXJET®5
  • MAXJET®5i Nozzle
  • OMAX®
  • OMAX® JetMachining® Center
  • Tilt-A-Jet® Cutting Head

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Product Announcements Provided By Omax Corporation

OMAX Corporation Hires William Wei as Sales Manager, Asia - See more at:

OMAX Tradeshows 2015

Special Pricing for Schools

As seen in MMS

Omax Appoints Vice President, Marketing
Stephen Bruner brings nearly 20 years of B2B marketing experience.

Growing the Waterjet Job Shop
The flexibility, capability and precision of the abrasive waterjet cutting process was the perfect match for this entrepreneur’s imagination, drive and boldness.

Waterjet’s Efficient Pump Strengthens Abrasive Stream
The 80X JetMachining Center on display from Omax processes large, complex components or multiple parts in various materials and thicknesses with high speed and precision.

Waterjet Toolpath Software Imports Various CAD Formats
Omax’s Intelli-Max abrasive waterjet cutting software suite automatically optimizes tool paths for the company’s waterjet machines to create precision parts faster and at lower costs.

August 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Waterjet
Click through the slideshow for machines, accessories and software related to waterjet machining.

Omax Hires Sales Manager, Asia
William Wei will support customers in Asia, bringing long trans-Pacific sales experience.

Rotary Axis Enables Six-Axis Waterjet Cutting
Omax offers its 60120 JetMachining Center, designed for cutting complex parts from materials such as advanced composites, exotic alloys and traditional metals.

Under a Wing
The inspiration for this column came to me in the parking lot behind an extraordinary high school, where I learned about an extraordinary teaching lab.

May 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Micromachining
From cutting tools to waterjets, this slideshow highlights equipment suitable for micromachining.

Waterjet Cuts Delicate, Complex Patterns
Omax’s MicroMax JetMachining Center is capable of cutting micron-level parts or features from materials including exotic metals, composites, polymer thermoplastics and glass.

Waterjet Center’s Drive System Delivers Faster, Smoother Motion
Omax’s Maxiem 1515 JetMachining Center offers cutting travels ranging from 2.6" × 2.6" to 53.5" × 13.5".

CAM Software Enhances AWJ as an Additive Process
Intelli-CAM from Omax Corp is especially tailored for the needs of AWJ machine users. This CAM software provides features that support additive manufacturing applications.

Software Suite Optimizes Waterjet Paths
Omax has released Intelli-Max 21, the latest version of its software suite for Omax JetMachining Centers.

Houstex 2015 Preview Slideshow
Click through the slideshow to see a selection of technologies to be displayed at Houstex in advance of the February 24-26 trade show.

November 2014 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Laser & Waterjet Machining
Click through the slideshow to view new equipment for laser and waterjet machining.

Waterjet’s Cutting Head Enables Zero Taper
The Omax 80X JetMachining Center is designed for cutting large-scale components or multiple-part projects from exotic alloys, metals, composites and more.

Direct-Drive Pump Provides Additional Power at the Nozzle
Omax offers a 100-hp direct-drive pump as part of its EnduroMax line to provide increased efficiency, improved reliability and lower operating costs.

3D Tool Path Software Supports Waterjet Machining
Jointly developed by Omax and Spatial, the Intelli-CAM software for Omax JetMachining Centers generates 3D tool paths from solid 3D models.

Waterjet Designed for Cutting Fine Materials
Well-suited for job shops, metal service centers and trade schools, the 1530 JetMachining Center from Omax offers fast cutting speeds, high power, simple control software and an array of accessory options designed to increase productivity and profitability.

Updated Waterjet Series Improves Cutting Speeds
Omax has updated its Maxiem series of JetMachining Centers with five next-generation models for high-performance abrasive waterjet cutting.