10-hp Waterjet Pump Delivers 30,000 psi for Cutting


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Omax has expanded its GlobalMax pump series with a 10-hp version for its GlobalMax JetMachining waterjet machines. Designed for educators, job shops, fabricators and manufacturers that need an economical, industrial abrasive waterjet, this pump delivers 30,000 psi to the cutting nozzle.

The GlobalMax product line is said to offer effective direct-drive pump technology, Intelli-Max software and access to high-quality customer service. According to Omax, the direct-drive pumps consume less electricity and use up to 75 percent less water than intensifier pumps, thereby reducing operating costs. Unlike intensifier pumps, the direct-drive pump only applies pressure to the system when the machine is actually cutting. The GlobalMax can cut almost any material in material thicknesses ranging to 5" without any heat-affected zone, Omax claims.

GlobalMax owners can upgrade to a higher-horsepower pump if their needs outgrow the 10-hp unit.


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