Omax Promotes General Manager and VP of Sales

Omax now has a new general manager and vice president of sales. 

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Omax Corp. has made two changes to its management team. Previously vice president of North American sales, Mike Ruppenthal has been promoted to general manager. Steve Ulmer, previously vice president of international sales, has been promoted to vice president of sales.

For the past seven years, Mr. Ruppenthal has been responsible for developing sales strategy across the United States and Canada. Prior to coming to Omax, he worked at Flow International for 11 years in both sales and marketing. In his new position as general manager, he will oversee Omax’s day-to-day operations.

Mr. Ulmer has been the VP of international sales for over 10 years. Before that, he worked five years in a variety of territories selling Omax products and managing distributors as a regional sales manager. As the new VP of sales, he will oversee all of Omax’s sales divisions, both internationally and domestically. 

Both shifts in the management team come after the merger of Hypertherm and Omax Corp. The merger combined Omax’s industry-leading direct drive pumps, software and applications technologies with Hypertherm’s portfolio of intensifier-based pumps, abrasive recycling systems and AccuStream consumables.