Qube Five-Axis Debuts by Machining a 1970 Porsche 9117k

Demonstration will feature the Qube machining a 1970 Porsche 9117k replica.


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C.R. Onsrud, manufacturer of CNC machining centers, is unveiling its new Qube-series CNC Machine this year. The Qube offers a large and fully-enclosed work envelope with chip collection and five-axis machining capability for nonferrous metals, composites, plastics or wood, making it suitable for machining parts in the aerospace, automotive, marine, tool and die, and pattern industries.

Live demonstrations of the Qube are being held daily in booth 338670. They involve machining a replica of a 1970 Porsche 917K, winner of the 1970 Le Mans, out of RenShape on the new machine.

The machine features a large working format of 5 × 12 feet and a 41" Z-axis clearance, a 12- to 15-hp high-speed spindle and a FANUC 31i control.