The New Rules of Cutting Tools

Cutting tool technology is evolving rapidly—responding to both changing production demands and more challenging workpiece materials. Machine shops and machining facilities today need to look at their cutting tools differently. They also need to look at cutting tool suppliers differently. This series of articles on the new rules of tooling was provided by Diamond Innovations, Precision Dormer and Sandvik Coromant.

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The New Rules of Cutting Tools is a collection of articles jointly provided by Diamond Innovations, Precision Dormer and Sandvik Coromant. Given rapid advances in tooling technology, these companies argue that shop owners and shop managers now have to think differently about cutting tools in order to make the best use of their equipment.

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S Introduction: The New Rules Of Cutting Tools
Challenging materials, increasingly complex geometries, large component sizes, and increasingly specialized performance and quality requirements are just some of the challenges that machining facilities face.

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S Rule #1: Do More With Your Machine
Don’t just choose cutting tools for greater life or speed. Innovative tooling also transforms the process and expands what the machine can do.
s Rule #2: Demand Application Expertise
Given the expanded range of choice in tooling technology, an essential component of the cutting tool has to be the expertise of the organization behind it.
s Rule #3: Diamond Should Not Be Rare
Diamond tooling lets the machine do more, and also figures into expert solutions tailored to more demanding applications.
s Rule #4: Focus On The Biggest Sources Of Expense
The price of a cutting tool is tiny compared to the cost savings it can realize in other areas of the process.
S Rule #5: Consider The Cutting Tool From The Very Beginning
Rather than “tooling up” the machine as an afterthought, choose the tooling from the outset to ensure that the machine is right for the job.

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