Entrust Manufacturing Technologies Launches Contract Gundrilling Division

Entrust Manufacturing Technologies has announced Vortakt, a division that focuses on OEM partnerships for gundrilling applications and leverages expertise from Entrust’s Unisig division to provide high-volume production solutions.


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Entrust Manufacturing Technologies has launched Vortakt, a component manufacturing division that specializes in partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for gundrilling applications. Vortakt uses deep-hole drilling equipment produced by Entrust’s Unisig division to provide solutions for high-volume production. Entrust’s continued investment is expected to grow Vortakt’s presence in the industry.

Vortakt offers its services to barrel manufacturers in the firearm industry. The division offers precise gundrilling as well as the additional steps necessary to produce rifle barrels.

“We’re machinists and engineers, not gunsmiths,” says Chad Weister, the division leader. “Our precise processes and extensive data, as well as decades of collective gundrilling, reaming, rifling and manufacturing experience, means that we don’t just make great barrels—we do so consistently.”

In addition to providing contract production to its firearm customers, Vortakt also assists OEMs in other industries with application assistance and design expertise. Vortakt produces components from customer-supplied dimensions and works directly with customers to help them develop solutions for their manufacturing needs.