Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Celebrates 70 Years

Jorgensen is celebrating its 70th anniversary with an expanded management team, upgrades to its main facility and a rebranding to Jorgenson Conveyor and Filtration Solutions.


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A partial photo of Jorgensen's facility and staff at its Mequon, Wisconsin facility

Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions Inc. celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2020 with significant changes: an expanded management team, the integration of new manufacturing technology and a refined approach to the company’s brand image.

Founded in 1950 by Charles T. Jorgensen, the company is currently led by Chuck D’Amico, the founder’s grandson. In 2020, it further solidified its management structure to support the company’s increasing size and global scope. New president and CEO Chuck D’Amico was joined by Karl Kleppek, a new director of sales and marketing, and by Dustin Krueger, who was promoted to the position of manager of engineering. With a combined 71 years of experience in manufacturing-industry leadership, Jorgensen’s management is fully committed to leveraging the company’s long history of innovation to provide its customers the solutions they need to lead their industries. 

Jorgensen also improved its production capabilities with a million-dollar investment in the company’s Mequon, Wisconsin-based production facility that included a 3-kW fiber laser cutting machine and a 250-ton press brake, which D’Amico says will increase the company’s growth capacity and enable the company to continue offering cost-effective solutions for customers.

In recognition of its expanded range of products, Jorgensen also refined its brand image to Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions.

“The new branding honors the company’s past, going back to its early patent of side chains that resulted in the significant advancement of the hinged-steel-belt conveyor at the same time that it incorporates the new filtration equipment and chip solutions we’ve added to our product portfolio,” says Kleppek. “We dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the chip solutions, including the EcoFilter and MunchMan II conveyors, required for tough applications, and our new brand demonstrates our renewed commitment to offering comprehensive conveyor and filtration solutions, here in Wisconsin and across the globe.”