Chip Processing and Fluid Filtration System



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The redesigned E-series MiniSystem is a low-volume chip processing system designed to reclaim coolant and reduce metal scrap volume. A shredder and parts separator preconditions chips before they are sent to the wringer. In this location, dry chips are produced at rates ranging to 800 lbs/hr (370 kg/hr). The fully automatic, portable, plug-and-play system measures 10 × 12 ft. (3 × 3.6 m).


The company also offers its Live Link filter conveyor for chip removal and fluid filtration. The custom-designed conveyor integrates into existing machining cells to remove chips while simultaneously recycling coolant for future use. A steel belt with Live Link hinges and scraper flights continuously removes particulate buildup on the conveyor bed, and a self-cleaning drum filtration system clarifies coolant to 50 microns.


Both the chip-processing system and the filter conveyor reduce labor costs, improve productivity, increase coolant life, maximize return on recycled metals and improve work environment, the company says.