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CNC Monitoring


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FactoryWiz and FactoryWiz Pro CNC monitoring appliances are pre-loaded with modules for detailed reporting; e-mail and cell phone notifications; and real-time CNC status display for a plug-and-play installation. Reports include information on machine production, idle time accounting, rejected parts and specific part reports. Custom reports generated with SAP’s Crystal Reports 2008 can be uploaded to the appliance and accessed from the Web. FactoryWiz also includes a mobile version of the Web interface for smart-phone access. FactoryWiz can support as many as five CNCs. FactoryWiz Pro can support 512 CNCs; dual-network interfaces to keep CNCs off a company network; and a MySQL database to handle large volumes of monitoring data. 


  • 7 CNC Parameters You Should Know

    Parameters tell the CNC every little detail about the specific machine tool being used, and how all CNC features and functions are to be utilized.

  • Key CNC Concept 10—Verifying CNC Programs Safely

    For the most part, CNC controls will follow the instructions given in a program to the letter. With the exception of basic syntax (program formatting) mistakes, the CNC control will rarely be able to tell if a mistake has been made.

  • Key CNC Concept #8—The Modes Of Machine Operation

    This concept introduces the three basic modes of operation, presents examples of when they are used, explores more about the mode switch, and categorizes each position of the mode switch into one of the three basic modes.