Computerized Maintenance Management System Increases Efficiency


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Shopfloor Automations’ Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) automates preventative maintenance schedules on operational equipment. According to the company, the system can increase labor efficiency; enhance asset effectiveness; assist certification with government agencies and certifying organizations (such as ISO, OSHA, JCAHO, FDA and DOE); provide liability protection; and more.
It monitors a variety of meter readings, including pressure, temperature, voltage and hours run, and it enables operators to communicate when maintenance should be completed. According to the company, preventative maintenance planning can improve the efficiency of any asset. CMMS software packages interface directly to CNC machines to collect data and generate PMs based on hourly run times instead of calendar periods, ensuring PMs are completed at optimal times. This results in more efficient use of staff and reduced downtime and maintenance costs, the company says.
A CMMS system can also track equipment history and grade performance over time. Instead of automatically projecting capital expenses to replace old equipment, the software identifies which assets are poor performers by ranking every component. The software is designed to reduce equipment downtime, minimize repairs, maximize equipment reliability and increase efficiency.

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