Customizable EDM Features Smart Wire Threading And More

The Robofil 240 Med-Pack wire EDM is designed to meet medical-industry demands in accuracy, surface integrity, part cleanliness and repeatability. Available from GF AgieCharmilles, the machine is customizable with a wide range of options to meet specific user requirements.


Equipped with titanium and stainless steel cutting technology, the machine features smart wire threading, integrated collision protection and linear glass scales. It can cut 30-degree tapers, and it features a filtration system that cleans the dielectric to provide clean workpieces and parts.


An optional B axis provides turn-and-burn functionality for cutting parts such as saw guides and surgical tools. Through integration with a robot, an optional automation kit enables unattended operation. Higher levels of “lights-out” machining are attainable through an optional large-wire spool or SIGMA organizational software.


Other options include a high speed generator designed to boost cutting speed and efficiency, and Taper Expert, a system for increasing accuracy while cutting variable taper angles. 

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