Double-Column Mill for High-Speed Machining

Hurco will unveil the BX40i double-column, bridge-type CNC machine.

Hurco will unveil the BX40i double-column, bridge-type CNC machine. The machine’s stability and overall weight of 20,062 lbs are said to provide high accuracy and improved surface finish capabilities. The machine was designed specifically for the mold and aerospace industries. It features a table size of 41.3" × 27.6" and a maximum table load of 2,204 lbs. The X, Y and Z axes feature travels of 27.6" × 40.2" × 19.7" and rapid traverses of 1,535 ipm with direct drive ballscrews. The 47-hp, motorized spindle with HSK 63A taper offers a maximum of 18,000 rpm with a torque of 88 foot-pounds at 2,800 rpm. The machine is equipped with 30 automatic toolchanger stations.

The company says the double-column design enables reduced tool deflection and vibration as well as less thermal deformation because heat only affects the bridge structure in a straight line instead of occurring on both the X and Y axes. Additionally, the spindle is closer to the mass of the machine on a double-column machine, which is said to provide increased rigidity.

The BX40i is equipped with integrated Hurco control powered by WinMax software and the UltiMotion motion system. According to the company, the flexibility of the control enables machinists to be more productive because it supports multiple programming methods. Such methods include conversational programming that minimizes idle time that occurs when waiting for the CAD/CAM station; industry standard NC programming; and NC/Conversational Merge that is designed to increase efficiency.

The company says UltiMotion is a motion control software system that determines the optimal trajectory to run a tool and achieves programmed feed rates more consistently, reducing cycle time while improving surface finish quality. The software is said to improve cornering velocity and reduce machine jerk. Instead of fixed look-ahead, the software includes dynamic look ahead that adapts as required by the tool path. The software is said to provide better handling of machine mechanics and dynamics. 

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