Five-Axis Machine’s Water-Cooled Traveling Column Increases Rigidity

Zimmermann is introducing the FZH400 five-axis machining center with a water-cooled traveling column.


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Zimmermann is introducing the FZH400 five-axis machining center with a water-cooled traveling column. With this design, the guide carriage distance increases as the tool penetrates the material, increasing rigidity. The stepped drive guide ensures constant geometry along the Z axis while maintaining rigidity in sensitive areas of the workpiece. The system is particularly designed for the efficient machining of standard components for the aircraft industry.

The machining center features an integral pallet-handling system with pallet changing during machining time. The handling system enables reliable transport of pallets without sagging, especially suitable for long pallets. The machine balances pallets as it raises and lowers them, greatly reducing bending and torsion forces. The pallet system is extendable, and users can add a pallet station or equip the system with additional pallet changers. The standard automation system enables interface with the master computer and efficient linking of multiple systems.

The machine has a configurable modular design. A standard factory floor is sufficient for anchoring so that users can put the machine into operation more quickly and have much greater flexibility when setting it up. Turnkey solutions are available from Zimmermann on request. Its specialists configure the system; provide suitable clamping devices, handling solutions and tools; and write NC programs for the components that are to be manufactured. This enables production to start immediately.

Zimmerman offers a family of milling heads for the machining center, including the M3 ABC three-axis head. This milling head improves the efficiency of the horizontal machining center even more by performing only very small swiveling movements to complete its tasks, especially when milling pockets in workpieces.


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