Eli Plaskett Associate Editor

Eli Plaskett joined the Modern Machine Shop team in the fall of 2017. He is a native of Youngstown, Ohio and graduated from Ohio University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English. After college, he wrote freelance and traveled the country before moving to Cincinnati, Ohio.

He is currently an Associate Editor at Modern Machine Shop and Content Writer and Designer at Gardner Business Media, the magazine’s parent company. He writes and edits blog posts and feature-length stories for the magazine as well as for its sister publications.

Check out some of his articles:

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Cutting Tools

4 Questions To Ask When Moving to Live Tooling

By: Eli Plaskett

Live tooling is often seen as a niche solution, but there are a number of different processes that are improved by introducing live tooling.

Machining Centers

Online Conference Provides Hands-On Experience With Machines

By: Eli Plaskett

Mazak’s All-Axes Live teleconference provides shop owners with the opportunity to have as close to a hands-on experience as social distancing will allow.

Vertical Machining Centers

Hard Milling Replaces Hand Grinding in Finishing Die Components

By: Eli Plaskett

A focus on repeatability, geometric capabilities and speed led this manufacturer of fine-blanking machines and components to embrace hard milling as its go-to finishing process, eliminating hand grinding.

Cutting Tools

High-Energy Barrel Finishers Efficiently Deburr Complex Parts

By: Eli Plaskett

Mass Finishing Inc. has developed high-energy barrel finishers that automate the process of deburring complex parts, saving time and eliminating the need to deburr parts by hand.


A Job Shop Approach to Automation

By: Eli Plaskett

Through patient research and smart investing, this job shop has slowly grown its capabilities and is moving toward lights-out manufacturing for prototype work.

Holemaking Tools

Shop Starts Work on Custom Drill for Ventilators Before Purchase Order Came

By: Eli Plaskett

When this Indiana toolmaker saw an order for cutting tools to make ventilators for coronavirus patients, his workers started grinding before the customer officially hired them.

Turn/Mill Machines

Rotary Broaching: Making Hard Materials Look Easy

By: Eli Plaskett

Rotary broaches manufactured with a proprietary hardening process can cut material as hard as 50 HRC with minimal tool wear, improving the production process for medical screws and other components.

Engineers and Manufacturers Invited to Take Part in Girl Day

By: Eli Plaskett

DiscoverE encourages manufacturers to take part in Girl Day, a day for introducing school-aged girls to engineering careers through hands-on activities.

What Makes a Top Shop Profitable?

By: Eli Plaskett

The data from Gardner Intelligence's Top Shops survey can show us how technology and management tools relate to earnings and profit in machine shops. Register for this webinar to learn about some of the specific findings from the survey.


Additive Advances Highlighted at Grand Opening

By: Eli Plaskett

GF Machining Solutions put its technology on display for its North American customers, highlighting advances in EDM spark monitoring and support for additive manufacturing technology.

Turning Tools

Interrupted Turning Operation Cuts Cost With 10-Sided Insert

By: Eli Plaskett

Using a robust 10-sided insert from Tungaloy, this oil-industry remanufacturer was able to reduce the number of inserts used in interrupted turning operations.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Using AI for Predictive Maintenance, Employee Development

By: Eli Plaskett

Maximo from IBM Watson can use "true AI" software to implement predictive maintenance and AR-assisted repair using the sensors that come standard on CNC machine tools.