Five-Axis Wire EDM Provides Quality Finishes


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AccuteX EDM, a division of Absolute Machine Tools, offers the SP-300iA five-axis CNC wire EDM. The machine’s updated microsparking technology, the MST-II, is said to improve part finishes. According to the company, the machine provides low recast and fine finishes, making it well-suited for the aerospace and medical industries. The machine is built for rigidity with a Meehanite-cast honeycomb base, a highly ribbed column that is mounted with oversized UVZ axes, and a reinforced lower arm for added stiffness. All castings are stabilized to maximize strength, precision and durability.
The X, Y, Z working range measures 13.8" × 9.8" × 8.7". The U and V axes measure 3.15". The U-V axis mechanism is placed in a cabinet above the working area for rigidity and protection from humidity and physical damage. The axes are driven by means of closed-loop, AC servo motors with 0.000004" resolution and controlled by a linear glass-scale feedback system. The EDM also incorporates ball-retainer type guideways to reduce friction variation.

The workpiece mounting table is constructed from hardened stainless steel. It is designed to ease accessibility and work as a standard clamping system to reduce setup time. It can also accommodate most commercial fixturing systems, the company says. To simplify wire handling, the EDM is equipped with an annealing, fully automatic wire threading system with a tip-disposal unit. The servo-controlled, wire threading technology, combined with multi-detectors, is said to increase the automatic wire threading system’s speed and reliability  


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